01 July 2008

The Surprises In MGM Grand Macau

Do you know there are more than 30 casinos in Macau?

I wonder how they can survive in that small area.


When the sun had finally showed its face, Curryegg and her family continued their journey again and this time they were leading to MGM Grand Macau - The casino. MGM Grand Macau is a huge building but of course, we can't compare it to The Venetian Macao. However, the design and the atmosphere in MGM is really attractive and it has become a tourist spot.
(MGM Grand Macau? What's that? Click here for more information)

This is MGM Grand Macau and the building totally look like 3 boxes to me.
Grabbed this photo from http://www.worldcasinodirectory.com

I wonder how the building was being built. Was it really made by boxes than they overlapped them and finally, MGM Grand Macau is formed? Uhh? I thought in the building must be boring since the building was made by boxes! Lol.. I was joking.

So, we walked in and expecting nothing to gain. I thought my camera could have some rest since I had been switched on and off since my breakfast in Macau and in Macau Tower. To my surprise, it looks totally different from the outside.

It's the Portuguese garden in MGM Grand Macau. Fabulous! Perfecto! Excellento!
I love the design a lot. It's something which I can't find it in Malaysia.

Both of us, my cousin and I couldn't stop taking photos. How could we miss it? We wanted to capture the best moment we had in MGM. Hehe...

They are so real.... ;)
I had a sudden urge to stand in the balcony and sing "Someday My Prince Will Come" (a song from Snow White movie) while waiting for my prince charming to reach me. Isn't that romantic? Ahwww...

Restaurant! I wished to try it if we were not in a rush. I love the landscape and the environment, peaceful, harmony and romantic. Anyway, I believe the cost must be expensive.

My dad looks so stunning in this photo.. Hehe...
While in the casino, I had discovered something interesting.

This it is.
The dancing light on the walls..

The lights will keep on changing every 3 seconds.
It looks so fantastic, isn't it?
There is another corner of the MGM building which has really attracted me. That will be the receptionist corner.

Ohhh... That's really creative and artistic man!

So, what do you think about MGM Grand Macau? Beautiful?
Sorry to say that we have reached at the end of my post for MGM Grand Macau. Ahwww....
But don't worry, my next post is gonna be as interesting as this because Curryegg is going to drive you to the world of Macau. Wuoottt!

Follow me?
Yes? No?