15 July 2008

Revive My Blog Post

KIF (3point8) has invited me few weeks ago to join his new mega project. At first, my reaction was like...




After listening to his 'proposal' and some details on how the website will run, I'm interested and soon agreed to be a member. Instead, I'm one of the admin! (including 3point8, Sharoning, Unfortunate Infection and BlueStorm Vs BlackStorm). Yahooo! I'm so excited for this right now!

What's Revive My Blog Post?
It's a blog where all the top blogpost can be found. That's mean, there will be juicy, yummy post everyday being posted up from different blogger (who registered and is a member). For more information, click here.

Honestly, this idea is new and fresh and I'm not sure how far it will be. But for sure, it will keep on running so that our readers can get fresh, good quality post everyday. Besides, this is the time for the bloggers to meet and become friends in a growing community. Isn't that great?

We will be glad to have you around both blogger and non-blogger. You can give your sarcastic opinion or love message in every corner of the provided comment box. We will love them! :P

I've even created a group for ReviewMyBlogPost in Facebook. Do join our group and voice yourself there! Click here.
See ya!