11 July 2008

I Can Design T-Shirt Too?

Since few months ago, I've entered the Buddhist Society in my university and unexpectedly, I am given an exciting job for a big project. What is it?

I am in charge of designing a t-shirt for the society regarding to the exhibition day. Wow! That's cool! I've never tried anything like this and it's a fabulous idea. I will draw and make a few t-shirts and all the members will wear my work. Wow! Wow! Wow!

After putting some serious efforts in it, this is how my work look like. I sketched these...

Next, my work was being edited by a professional graphic design who is my friend's cousin (Racheal) and this is how it looks like. Thank Racheal for helping us.. :)

Soon, we sent our design to the manufacture and waited for few weeks. Hey! wait a minute! I'm not here explaining the procedure on how to make a shirt. I'm here to show off my blue-babyT shirt to the world! Hello~

I've received my shirt this morning and I'm proud to wear it anywhere - canteen, library, bookstore, classroom, field and even toilet to promote my shirt! Hahahaha... How can I keep quite? This is my first T-shirt production and I'm impressed with it. Maybe it's not that perfect, but still I love my work..
*smile broadly*

So, this is how it looks like... Don't blink your eyes.. :)

And what did I do next?
What else? Cam-wore myself lor~
Hehe.... :P

Sometimes, I wish to be a graphic designer who can design whatever artwork I want. I love designing ever since I was a teenager but dare not pick this designing course when I was given a choice to choose. I don't know why but I'm to afraid to try.

Am I regretting for not choosing this course at the first place?
Am I choosing the wrong path?
Am I wasting my talent?


Wake up!

Nop. I'm not regretting. I love what I'm doing right now- to become a future counselor.
Helping others to be happy and positive with themselves is my main mission right now. Yup. I know I'm right.. Nevermind, I can treat art (designing) as my hobby right? Hehe...

Next mission:
I wanna draw more eggs!!!