21 July 2008

The Power Of Kim Gary's Thick Toast

Sometimes, I'm glad to own a digital camera (although it's kinda old right now. Well, I don't mind). It helps me in refreshing my memories about those places which I've been to, my long lost friends, meaningful events and last but not least - the taste of my favourite food.

I shall say, they come in handy especially tonight- when I'm so hungry and about to eat 2 KFC X-Meal!!


As I was browsing my photo album in my hard disk, I realized that I'd taken some pictures on my brunch in Kim Gary restaurant, Mid Valley some weeks ago. Looking at those pictures have activated my salivary gland. I'm drooling now! Gosh!!!
The worse part is, my stomach is drumming, asking me to eat in the middle of the night.

"Hey! Stop drumming my little stomach. I'm not going to feed you until tomorrow!"

Gosh! I'm so cruel.. sigh... what should I do? I'm too lazy to cook the instant noodle nor making myself a hot cup of milo right now. I prefer going to bed with my empty stomach. Lol...

Nevermind, I shall share my pictures here.
My mission is to tempt you and make you hungry in the middle of the night (or morning)


I love eating in Kim Gary whenever I get the chance. Firstly, I like their food. Secondly, I like their presentation. Besides, the service is good (so far). However, I don't really enjoy the environment - kinda crowded and less space for moving.

Anyway, let me introduce you my favourite meal for brunch in Kim Gary.

The Sweetened Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter Thick Toast

The toasted egg + ham sandwiches

The Ice Lemon Tea
And The "Teh Tarik"

Ohhh my...
Isn't that delicious? Beautiful!

Take a closer look at them....

I wonder, why I love "The Sweetened Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter Thick Toast" so much!!!!! Honestly, it's too thick for my mouth and kinda sticky.

I guess, it's because of, I love peanut butter jam! yeah...
I love peanut!

Hoe Sek! Hoe Sek!
Ho Chiak Ho Chiak!
Sapadia!! (Tamil?)

And oh my... Look at the toast!!! Can I bite them now?
*Biting my fingers*

Besides the meals, I'm interested with this 'Feedback' form. Why? Well... I like this guy.. he's my favourite Hong Kong artist. His name is Bosco. Lol...
Psst.... can I take this back?

So, did I manage to make you hungry?

Do say 'yes' because if you say 'no', I know you're lying!
Bleekkk.... :P