23 July 2008

Thank Diese For The Nuffnang Gift

I've a note for my friend, Diese.

I wanna say a big "Thank You" to her for being so lovely, thoughtful and sweet. If you're a Nuffnanger, you will notice the RealMart competition - The Nuffnang Gift Ideals Contest. What you have to do is to assume yourself for being one of the lucky 3 winners and pick a gift from the RealMart in which you want your friend (a Nuffnanger) to have.

Unexpectedly, I've been 'nominated' for a gift - a digital photo frame by Diese. Thank you dear for being so nice and generous. And look at what did she write:

From Diese:

Why this? And why her?? CurryEgg recently lost someone who is very special to her and very close to her heart. I can understand all the emotions she’s been through then and now as I was in the same situation few years back. I really want her to have this so that she can store all her precious memories with her late grandmother in this super cool digital photo frame.


I'm really touched. Yes, really.
I know there are many people who care about me and motivating me all the time. Thanks my friends. I don't wanna make anybody worry for me, that's for sure. I'm fine here and don't worry about me ya? I'm still the energetic, hot curryegg! HAha....


I guess, I should participate in this contest as well. Let me start reading seriously on the terms and condition in the Nuffnang website now. Yeah.