16 July 2008

My Most Embarrass Moment

We were told to write a story about the most embarrass moment we have ever had during in my counseling class. I was like... "Uhhh? My most embarrass moment?". I tried to say no to my lecturer actually since I hardly remember any of my history. Guess what did he say?

"Setiap orang pasti ada ceritanya dan cuba ingat kembali. Mungkin kamu tidak ingat kerana sejarah kamu terletak pada tahap Superego or Id berdasarkan teori Sigmund Freud". (Malay version)

"Everyone of us here will have at least a story to be shared and try to recall them. Maybe you'll hardly remember anything right now because most of them are in your Superego or Id level according to Sigmund Freud's theory" (English version)

Sigmund Freud's theory is about conscious (ego) and unconscious (id) mind and I'm about to dig them all out. Em... maybe some of it? :)

Well, I managed to write an essay last night for my lecturer and decided to pass up my homework to him this morning. Sadly, he asked us to keep it. Sob... In order to not wasting my work, I decided to blog it here. Shall we?


This is how it sounds like:

At first, I thought I didn't own any story of my embarrass moment. After spending a night thinking and recalling my history, I realized that I do have a few. I guess I've successfully transformed my superego into ego level?

As far as I can remember, my most embarrass moment took place when I was in form 1 (secondary school). It was during my Kemahiran Hidup class in which we were allow to choose either KMT or ERT for this subject. I took ERT and never know that disaster might happen after that.

The teacher in ERT was strict and fierce and none of my friends like her. All of us were so afraid to even look at her. My dark history take place when one day, Mrs Tan, the ERT teacher had given us some homework and needed to be passed up on the next following week. The day had arrived and she checked all of her students homework including mine. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten about my homework and ended up being caught and punished. Poor me. I'd to stand in front of the class, facing all my friends till the class ended.

Of course, her punishment didn't end there. A few of us were ordered to clean the room including the windows and toilets. I could see some giggles from my friends when I was moping the floor with my untidy hair. Sigh...

Ever since the incident, I started to hate the class and. The punishment did leave a great impact on my emotion. I felt totally embarrass and left out.

Soon, I changed my class from ERT to KMT where majority of the KMT students are males. I didn't care how weird I might look like as far as I could escape from Mrs Tan. Yeah. My new mission. At the end, I did change.

Maybe changing the class was a big mistake I had ever done in my life. I didn't know exactly the rules and customs for a student to change a class since I was still a freshie at that moment. So, one morning when I as happily entering my KMT class, a friend of mind suddenly appeared and informed me that Mrs Tan were looking for me. So, I joined her and met Mrs Tan. Before stepping into her class, my body had started to shiver. I could sense that sometime worse was going to happen.

I was right. It was something worse. Sigh.. I was once again being asked to stand in front of the class, facing about 45 girls who were mostly my friends. There was a long silence while I was standing at a spot. I felt how small and weak I was. The atmosphere made me felt like I was a murderer or rapist who was going to be sentenced to death. She left me aside and continued her teaching before bombarded me with her sarcastic questions, 15 minutes after that.

My body was shaking as I tried to defend myself in front of my friends. I could hear some whispers from the crowd and I knew, they were all about me. I wished I could run away from the class immediately but then, I know I've to face the music, just sooner or later. After the 20 minutes lecture from Mrs Tan, I was allowed to leave the class and joined my KMT class.

I know I'm wrong and I should learn from my mistake. So, ever since the incident happened, I try to improve myself by being more responsible to myself and my work. I will not going to spoil my reputation any longer.

Do I still hate the teacher? Nahh... I don't hate her any longer as she's a good teacher. She did teach me something important and I will always remember that - Ok, not the being humiliated part of course!

The End


I've been wondering, why we were asked to write our embarrass story to him? Anything to do with Sigmund Freud's theory? Or any counseling theory? Ahh... I don't care. I wanna sleep now. Lately, I'm so exhausted. I guess, I need more rest and sleep. Good night my friends. See you tomorrow.. Have a nice day!