30 July 2008

My Very First Public Speaking

I couldn't believe that I've finally finished my public speaking in my class.

It was amazing because I did it without shivering or trembling (like I used to be few years back). Usually, when I am nervous, my brain will start losing the ability to form words while my hands will start shaking. I don't know why but I believe this will happen when your heart is beating too fast. Anyway, I'm not shaking this time...



I guess it's most probably because of the topic I picked- a topic which I'm so excited to share with others. It's regarding to the sign language. Yes. You read the write words.

Sign Language.

During in my semester break, I've signed up for a Sign Language course which is organized by RC Deaf Missions. Like what I've expected, the class was fun with out-going students and professional tutors. I never know that signing up for this class with change the way I perceive things.

I start to understand how they view the world as the silent word, how they express themselves without any doubts using their facial expression and the whole body, how they learn words, and how they make friends.

They have never look down on themselves because they know how much they can contribute to the society, just like us, the hearing people. Shouldn't we appreciate with whatever we have now and stop complaining for little tiny things?

Instead, work on your weakness and bring out the best of you like my tutors (who are deaf).

My tutors Loula and and Dino are great teachers.
They can teach very well and manage to bring joy into every classes although we were in silent world- no one was allow to talk nor make any noise during in the class. This will boost up our motivation in learning the sign faster than ever.

Besides, it will be a great opportunity to understand the world of the deaf. (Put yourself on others shoes if you wanna understand them).

Weeks and weeks passed by and now, I've completed my beginner class for sign language. Well, I shall not call myself as an expert now because there are thousands of signs which need to be mastered and right now, I just know hundreds of them. Anyway, I believe whatever I've learnt will definitely help in communicating with the deaf better in future.
Yes. I know I will.

At least, tipu-tipu sikit boleh lor.. kekekz...

I told the class about my own experience on my Sign Language course and ended the talk with a whole set of alphabet starting from A-Z using Sign Language. I couldn't imagine I had actually sing along my ABC song while doing the sign!!!

*Rolled eyes*

Oh ya. I wanna make an announcement here. There will be an event organized by RC Deaf Missions this Friday to Sunday starting from 10am-10pm in AMCORP Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. To those who are interested to come, do feel free to visit us. There will be interesting programme such as the deaf drama performance, video presentation, and etc.

Besides, Curryegg will be there helping around and this should be your main reason to come and visit us?


This is my invitation card from RC Deaf Missions.

And I would love to share this card with all of you here. That's mean, you're being invited by Curryegg!

Come la...
come la...

Without you no fun la...


Date: 1-3 August 2008 (Friday to Sunday)
Time: 10a.m-10p.m
Avenue: AMCORP Mall, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: curryegg87[at]gmail.com


Do let me know if you're going by leaving a message in my email box.

I shall prepare myself with more sign language before helping at the booth. Gosh! I've forgotten most of it!
Sei lor.... (die)