02 August 2008

Deaf Art Expose 2008

Finally, I've managed to uploaded these photos into my blog using my old laptop. Luckily, I still have my laptop with me or else, Curryegg is going to burst into tears.

What happen?
Well, my desktop is being affected by viruses and now my babey is seriously sick. Sigh... Worse, all 'her' memories (data) are lost. That's mean Curryegg will loss all her photo albums, assignments and songs in her hard disks.

It's ok. It shouldn't be my problem after all because there is something I should put more concern on. It's about the Deaf Art Expose 2008.

As I've mentioned earlier in my previous blog post, there is an event starting by 1-3rd August in AMCORP Mall, PJ, Kuala Lumpur and I was there on the very first day (Friday). Look at what I've found out here!

Performance by the deaf:

Chinese Lion Dance

It was amazing because the deaf can actually performance very well.

My teacher - Loura with her story Mona Lissa

Registration to all the helpers and staff:

Here are some hand made stuff which I managed to snap. Just a few of them because I was too busy chatting with my new friends - the deaf. They are really nice people and I love working with them.. :)

The hand-made earring
The designers of the earrings.. :)

Their hand-make greeting cards - get lot of attention from the visitors.
They are too lovely!

At the same time, I managed to capture couple of photos and here are my new friends! New friends!

Gilbert and I

Joan and I

Oopss.. I've missed out this cute little yello red stuff... this is a plastic broach which I bought from the exhibition. Cute isn't it, my happy face broach. Hehe....

Happy to know the deaf.. ;)

I definitely need more practice for my beginner level sign language. Don't worry, I will be even better tomorrow. Practice make perfect right? Hehe... :)

Tomorrow will be another great day. Yes!