14 August 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

Being a student is not easy especially in this era.
We have to be active not only in academic but in curriculum activities as well. That's tough and no one should say:

"Enjoy your life while you're in school/college/university. It will be tougher when you start to work".

Imagine this...

We have to rush for assignments, then presentations, research, quiz, tests and exams. At the same time, we're surrounded by extra-curriculum activities. Because of the tight schedule, sometimes we have to scarify our beautiful weekend for these dull activities - hiding in our room, trying to finish our task. That's mean we're losing our leisure time. Sigh...

No karaoke.

No movie.
No ice skating.

No sun-bathing.


Most of the time, we are in dilemma because if we choose to go out and ignore our assignments or revision for test, disaster will be awaiting us. But, if we choose to stick at home facing the a pile of boring books and plain walls, you will most probably be like this...

From someone who suffered from studying.
Link: Here

Let my Huggy Pup replacing my routine... :P

So, what do you think about the life of a student?
As stressful as other occupation too?

In this case, we have to find way to release our stress by searching for entertainment. So, what do I normally do whenever I'm bored and tensed? I play games.

Yes, I mean computer games.

According to Curryegg, computer games can reduce boredom and at the same time increase one's IQ. You don't believe me? Let me show you....

This is one of my favorite games! I play this almost everyday in Facebook...
The Word Challenge from Playfish....

This games is like Scrabble which requires high speed, high sensitivity, good vocabulary and creative thinking in order to play this games. You've to be fast and correct!

I've been playing this for quite a long time, trying my best to get the high score among my friends. Somehow, I just manage to secure a place at rank 7.
I gotta express this...


Look at Liora (aka Aronil) and Su Ann (aka pinkpau). Their scores are freaky high! 13767 and 43906. They are really good in vocabulary!!! Genius! Haha... :D

Sorry ya.. curi gambar.. :P

Well well well,
When can I reach that level? I guess I should play more to improve my English.. hehe.. *an excuse for me to stay longer in front of the computer*

So, do you think we should play more computer games?

Thanks Nuffnang and Samsung for running a World Cyber Games Blog Contest for bloggers to write a blog post about “My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time“.
I've a clearer vision on what I should do now...

Keep on playing my Word Challenge Games!