18 August 2008

Malaysia Got Silver!!!

I believe everyone in Malaysia has known this - Malaysia Got Silver for the 2nd time!
Yeah. Lee Chong Wei has won us a silver medal in badminton (single match). Isn't that a great news?

Well, I know most of us are disappointed with the news. Everyone of us are hoping for gold medal. But trust me, if majority of the Malaysian are in the stadium, the match will be much better.

Try to imagine if you're Chong Wei and you have to face at least 85% of the audience in the stadium who are shouting for "Li Dan Jia Yui", how will you feel? You could only see red flags all around the stadium. Ok.. Maybe some spots of Malaysia Flags and a little whisper of "Malaysia Boleh!".

Do you think you can 100% focus in your games?

Think about it, Li Dan has all the benefits. Play on his court with all his people supporting him. Undeniably, he is talented and has all the skills (psst.. he's a left handed). So psychologically, the possibility for him to win is much higher compare to Chong Wei.

No matter how, Chong Wei has done a great job and we should be happy and grateful for his hardwork. He looked so pale and tired during in the games. I guess, he must have worried a lot a day before the games.

And all those "big people", I suggest you not to put stress on him. He has tried his best and we should give him moral support instead of teasing.. or whatever.. :(

Lee Chong Wei, you're still the one I admire a lot!
You're the best player in badminton for single match!

We got silver!!!

I don't care. I'm proud of you Chong Wei and I wanna fetch him in KLIA if only if I'm in KL...
Let's celebrate!!!!