08 August 2008

Beijing 080808 Olympic Day!

I can't believe it!
I can't believe we are already in 080808 (8th August 2008).

That's mean, the Beijing Olympic Day is going to start very soon at 8pm tonight. Great! I should fill my fridge with more ice-cream, chocolates and jelly. And not to forget some popcorn (Joshuaongys, are you going to send some for me? lol...) and coke because I know I'm not going to walk a single step away from my TV.

Well, I'm not a sportswoman but I love watching sports especially gymnastic, swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, tennis and bowling. Oh my. I've such a long list. I don't care, I'm not going to miss them.

I don't care if I'm going to miss some classes..

*ouch ouch.. mum! stop pulling my ears!!!!*

Ok. Ok.
I'm now going to miss my classes. Promise...

Right now, I'm too eager and curious to know who will be the last person who run the 2008 Olympic torch to the stadium. Will it be Yao Ming? Ming Xia? Jacky Chan? Or CurryEgg?

I'm desperate to know...
Tell me! Tell me!

Who is the person!???

In another 6 hours, I will know who is the honourable person... *Yeah*
I shall prepare myself for my motivation class. Ohhh..... I am just so motivated today!
And happy birthday to WenZi (my new blogging friend) and Meng Zhen (my coursemate). May you have a great, beautiful birthday!

Psstt... remember my cake... :P