13 August 2008

Are You A Left-Handed? Say Yes!

A friend of mine, Fish found out something interesting and had shared it in the class during in her public speaking. Guess what? She has discovered that, 13th August is a special date for all the left-handed.


Left-handers Day?

Really? There is Left-Handed Day?
OMG! I can't believe it because for all this while, I personally feel that left-handed people are being discriminated (by the right-handed)..

What a unfair world!

Let me shout this loudly in my blog:

I'm A Left-Handed!!
I'm A Left-Handed!!!
I'm A Left-Handed!!!!

So, let me tell you some of the unfairness which I've discovered in these 20++ years.

1) My History
I remember how my mum trying to stop me from being a left-handed when I was in elementary school. Whenever I tried to grab a pencil, a crayon or an eraser using my left hand...


Ouch! That's hurt!!

So, having the perception that using left hand is wrong, I shifted to the right. I did, but just for a short period. I would use my left hand to write and draw whenever my mum was not around. I guess, I've been using my left-hand for quite a long period before my mum found out again. She did try to stop me but failed. Obviously, she knew it was too late since my muscles on my left hand are stronger than my right.

What can she do? Well, she has to accept that her daughter is a left-handed genius..


And this is how I save myself from being a left-handed girl. Bravo!

Well, the question is, why most of the parents especially mothers don't like their children to be a left-handed? I've heard several stories from my friends and relatives about how theirs mother force them to write using right hand. I've been wanting to voice out my dissatisfaction here. Why mothers especially in Asian countries want to stop their children from being a left-handed? Why why and why?

Aren't we as special as the right-handed too?

2) Disastifaction!
Secondly, I am really disappointed and unsatisfied with the table chairs which are used in some classes. It is specially made for the right-handed and not left-handed.

Why no one even care to make a few chairs (at least) for the left-handed users? Aren't we deserve the attention too? Honestly, it's hard to write during in the class under an uncomfortable posture in which we've to turn at least 20-45 degrees to the right. Unlike the right handed users, they can sit comfortably facing the lecturer while jotting down all the important notes. As a result, I will sometimes encounter back pain and neck pain at the end of the class!

Sob... who cares?

3) Cultures and Costums

Sometimes, cultures and costums do discriminate the left-handed people. For example, you should only use your right hand for hand shaking and handing things. If you use your left hand, that's mean you're rude. Why? One of the reason is because of, majority of the people will use the left hand for cleaning oneself with water after defecating while the right hand is use for eating. So, if you use your left hand, it means.. RUDE!

Why? Is it left hand means dirty?


4) Right bring positive meaning; Left bring negative meaning.
Try to search for the meaning of right and left in the dictionary, what will you find out?

Let me help you in this using dictionary.com:

a) Right (adjective):
1.in accordance with what is good, proper, or just: right conduct.
2.in conformity with fact, reason, truth, or some standard or principle; correct: the right solution; the right answer.
3.correct in judgment, opinion, or action.
4.fitting or appropriate; suitable: to say the right thing at the right time.
5.most convenient, desirable, or favorable: Omaha is the right location for a meatpacking firm.
6.of, pertaining to, or located on or near the side of a person or thing that is turned toward the east when the subject is facing north (opposed to left).
7.in a satisfactory state; in good order: to put things right.
8.sound, sane, or normal: to be in one's right mind; She wasn't right in her head when she made the will.
9.in good health or spirits: I don't feel quite right today.
10.principal, front, or upper: the right side of cloth.
11.(often initial capital letter) of or pertaining to political conservatives or their beliefs.
12.socially approved, desirable, or influential: to go to the right schools and know the right people.
13.formed by or with reference to a perpendicular: a right angle.
14.straight: a right line.
15.Geometry. having an axis perpendicular to the base: a right cone.
16.Mathematics. pertaining to an element of a set that has a given property when placed on the right of an element or set of elements of the given set: a right identity.
17.genuine; authentic: the right owner.

b) Left 1 (adjective):

1.of, pertaining to, or located on or near the side of a person or thing that is turned toward the west when the subject is facing north (opposed to right).
2.(often initial capital letter) of or belonging to the political Left; having liberal or radical views in politics.
3.Mathematics. pertaining to an element of a set that has a given property when written on the left of an element or set of elements of the set: a left identity, as 1 in 1 · x = x.

Left 2 (verb):
1.to go out of or away from, as a place: to leave the house.
2.to depart from permanently; quit: to leave a job.
3.to let remain or have remaining behind after going, disappearing, ceasing, etc.: I left my wallet home. The wound left a scar.
4.to allow to remain in the same place, condition, etc.: Is there any coffee left?
5.to let stay or be as specified: to leave a door unlocked.
6.to let (a person or animal) remain in a position to do something without interference: We left him to his work.
7.to let (a thing) remain for action or decision: We left the details to the lawyer.
8.to give in charge; deposit; entrust: Leave the package with the receptionist. I left my name and phone number.
9.to stop; cease; give up: He left music to study law.
10.to disregard; neglect: We will leave this for the moment and concentrate on the major problem.
11.to give for use after one's death or departure: to leave all one's money to charity.
12.to have remaining after death: He leaves a wife and three children.
13.to have as a remainder after subtraction: 2 from 4 leaves 2.
14.Nonstandard. let1 (defs. 1, 2, 6).
–verb (used without object)
15.to go away, depart, or set out: We leave for Europe tomorrow.
16.leave alone. alone (def. 7).
17.leave off,
a.to desist from; cease; stop; abandon.
b.to stop using or wearing: It had stopped raining, so we left off our coats.
c.to omit: to leave a name off a list.
18.leave out, to omit; exclude: She left out an important detail in her account.

What I'm trying to show you here is, why the word "right" have more positive meaning than the word "left". Don't you agree with me? Shall I explain it any further as you can read it by yourself..

Sigh... sakitnya hati (heart broken)..

5) Mucical Instruments
Some of the musical instruments are made for the right-handed. Again, I feel sad. For example, most of the string instruments like violin, viola and guitar (not a string instruments) are mostly made for the right-handed users. I don't play violin (tried it before) nor viola but I play guitar.

So, I still remember how suffer I was when I'd to force myself to use my right hand pressing the strings for the chords. But then, I told my sir and was allowed to change. Hehe... Luckily the type of guitar which I bought is for 'universal' - both right and left handed.


6) Mouse

Forcing myself to use the mouse with my right hand. Yes. Ever since I started using the computer at the age of 12, I am forced to use the mouse using my right hand. I felt odd at first, but after being conditioned by the culture, I've used to it. Not a problem for me... In fact, I can click super-duper fast! Haha...

7) Your Opinion
And the list go on..... I know there are still quite a number of complaints I wanna make but I shall leave this to you- my other left-handed readers. You can treat this as a place to voice your opinions, comments and suggestions. We deserve the attention right?

Hmph! Why not?

By the way, do let me know if you're a left handed. Leave your name and blog address (if you have). I wish to know the number of left-handed readers (blogger and non-bloggers) in this blogosphere.

Let's ROCK THE WORLD, left-handed!!!

Happy Left Handers Day..


P/s: How I celebrate my Left Handers Day?? I bought a RM2 chochate cake for myself... :P
Besides, I blogged about this. Hehe...