26 August 2008

Chio le....Malacca River Cruise!

Lately, Curryegg has been really unproductive...
Unproductive in the sense that she can't produce new post frequently.
Blame on her overwhelming assignments and presentations in this whole week. She has been burning the midnight oil since last week and now, there are another 3 assignments left. Well, don't worry because she can blog today!


The dateline for my next assignment is on this coming Friday, so right now I can spend some quality time on my blog. I miss my curryegg.com.. Do you miss it too?

Say yes please or else, I'm not going to show you my favourite pictures!

*threatening tone*

Lolx.... XD

Well well well...
As I've promised you in my previous post stating that I'm going to show you my photos during in my Malacca trip and here they are! While I was editing the photos, I've noticed that Malacca is a very beautiful state. You will agree with me once you see these photos. No lie.

My story starts from my very first destination at Spices Garden (Taman Rempah Ratus), Malacca. Honestly, this is my first time visiting this garden. Immediately once I stepped on the garden, I feel like home. Why?

BECAUSE it's a place for spices.. which mean CurryEgg belongs to this place too!

Lol.... Ok.. just a lame joke.. :P

Dad and I had a great time walking on the garden and taking Malacca River Cruise! Yes. Cruise.... You heard me? Isn't that sound luxurious? Haha... And let me show you... this is the cruise in Malacca......

*ta da*

So, what do you think?

Well, for a river cruise in Selat Melaka (Malacca Straits), I should say it's good. If you still remember, Selat Melaka used to be a very polluted river which is monopolized by garbages and toxic. I remember my Geography book stated it clearly when I was in Form 3.

Anyway, when I came to this Spicy Garden, I am really surprise. Cruise on Selat Melaka? Serious? As I know, the state goverment did not allow any water transportation on the straits. I guess, it's different now. The government has cleaned the river and it's safe to have water activity. But... well... the quality of the water is still bad and the smell... emm.... :(

Spending some moments walking around the area, I start to like the place. So, I tell myself why not give it a try? I should get a ride and experience myself on this new project in Malacca- be a supportive citizen... hehe..

By the way, RM5 per adult and RM2 per child worth trying isn't it?

Dad and I did try it out and seriously...
It's FUN!!!

The best thing is, I managed to snap a full collection of beautiful photos while I was riding on the 'cruize'....

This has reminded me on my previous trip in Macau, China. Yes. Really... If you miss it, you should read it here and here. It's The Venetian- Gondola ride~

My favourite photo! Look at the reflection and the combination of the colour in this photo... perfect for me! :D
One of my favourite photo too!

Dad with his funny pose.. :P

And guess what...

I noticed a mini Ferris Wheel along the river. Well, I say mini because I'm comparing with The Eye Of Malaysia which is located in Titiwangsa Lake. Haha.. And I heard, the Ferris Wheel in Titiwangsa has been sold to the Malacca state goverment. That's mean they will place the big wheel in Malacca soon!

Ahwww..... sad... I should give my last ride in Kuala Lumpur before they move it to Malacca..

Last but not least, the best of my best photo collection:

I just love this photo. Simple and natural...
Curryegg Forever!!!!