16 August 2008

Malaysia Olympic Warrior - Chong Wei


Why the badminton match for the single in man category is not today???

Anyway, it should be a great news because I was actually late to reach home on time. It was all because of the traffic jam in Midvalley. I was trapped in the parking lot. Sigh..

Why I was there? I'd been to the Samsung World Cyber Games Competition and got pressie from Samsung+Nuffnang.

To my surprise, I met Kei!!! Wweeeee!!!

She was actually talking on the phone before I noticed her (or was she the one who noticed me first?). Wow.. Great! I met someone who I wish to meet for a long time. Glad to have a short talk with her... (psst.. she's a beautiful girl... hehe....)

Besides attending the prize giving session, the other reason why I appeared myself in the crowded shopping mall was because of my beloved secondary school friend - Win Win! She comes to KL and dated me out. So, we met up and had a long conversation together. What a beautiful evening I have with her... *hugs*

Thanks Ai Win and I'm glad to have you as my friend.


So back to our story on the badminton match. My dad has actually remembered the wrong date and he's the one who made me running all the way back home...
*gasphing for air*

Thanks for the exercise practise.. fuh.... long time no jog d.. :(

Oh my. I have a weird feeling on this games. Touched, excited, stunned, nervous and speechless. What kind of feeling should I have? That will be our Malaysia first final match in Olympic. None of our history has recorded any glory moment so far in Olympic for silver nor gold medal. I'm really dying for Lee Chong Wei, our 'olympic warrior'!!!

He must have worked hard for this battle and I know.... he's going to..


I know he is and I'm praying he will. Well, even if he doesn't win (which I don't one to) he's still our nation winner! He's win himself a place to the final and all the Malaysian is really proud of him. No matter how, we will be supporting him in Malaysia!

Yeah yeah yeah!
Curryegg is giving her curry power to him...

*sending curry power to him from Malaysia to Beijing*

Go go Lee Chong Wei!!!

We love you here!