30 August 2008

Another 2 Days To Go

At last, I've reached my hometown safe and sound. Well, it was a long journey and I could only reached granny's house at around 1am. Tired....

Right now, I'm enjoying every bit of my curry pau. I miss Penang Curry Pau! Haha... Sitting in front of this computer has reminded me about my previous years in Penang. I was exactly sitting at the same corner, studying and doing my revision on this table. I remembered how stress I was when I had to burn the midnight oil for tests and examinations. Whenever I was late to bed, granny will nag me to sleep... :P

I can't imagine I am soon-to-be 21 years old... in another.... 2 days? Oh my.. Honestly, I'm excited and I am hoping for a new, interesting life as soon as I get the 'KEY'! Hehehe....
I just can't wait and right now, I'm enjoying every hour of my 20 year old year before the day arrive. Haha..

Curryegg is on her way become a lady. Wait! Lady sound old.. emm..... what should I call myself than?



Another Few Hours To Go

I'm still sitting in a cornet, thinking of what will happen tomorrow?
It will be my 21st birthday! I should be happy, but I kinda worry I might be trapped in the massive traffic jam tomorrow. As you know, Malaysia holiday season will be the most suffering moment when it comes to traffic jam on the road. How good if my blog will gain traffic like that Malaysia road traffic jam! Eeeerrrrrrrrrrrr... why?

Ever since last week, I am really worried I might end up celebrating my birthday in the car for the whole day. I had been in that situation before and I know very well about the traffic very well. Emmm..........

I guess I should prepare a cake and blow my candle in the car with my parents? Lolx... that will be a great idea! Haha... Well, let us put tomorrow as a jigsaw.. Whoa!

I'm excited to venture my day!!!!!!

, here I come!