10 August 2008

My Best Mamak Friend

Some people believed that we're best friend.
Some people claimed that we look like twins.
Some people suspected that we are couple.

Wait a minute. Couple?
Oh... please... We ARE NOT, ok?

I believe most of you might have heard about May, my best friend in my previous post. So, it was one morning when May and Curryegg met up in a shopping mall called the Sunway Pyramid. They met up finally after being apart for 5 months!

Oh my.. 5 months??

We didn't get the chance to meet up for 5 months! It was all because of our tight schedules. Sigh.. big sigh..

Anyway, we met yesterday and it was a great date!
May, Eric and I spent time together chatting and shopping around. Oh my.. I've been longing for this moment for months.

We hugged, we joked, we laughed and we teased around, just like we used to be few years back. It has proved that we didn't change much no matter how far our distance are. Thanks buddy for the great moment. I'm glad to meet you again.

Again, we managed to snap a few photos... (well, curryegg will never forget her camera during those important events.. haha..)

Oh ya.
While we were in the shopping mall, we had bumped into a cute counter giving free 'eggs' in Jusco!!!!

Yes. I mean EGGSS!!!

This is the Kinder Joy Egg which is filled with milk and chocolate.

Oopss... and not to forget, the toy....
Yes. Every egg will contain a toy. So this is how it looks like...

And ta-da....
A helicopter?
Lol... May and Eric just couldn't stop laughing when they saw this..

That's mean I've to DIY myself?

I got a free egg which contain chocolate and toy. Isn't that great?
They have given the right person - curryegg. Lol.. As for your information, I'm crazing about egg stuff. Haha... And now, it appears in my blog. Isn't that cool?

If you're interested and wish to have it, get it in Jusco supermarket (in Malaysia) while stock last. Haha... I think i should get it again. I want the crab toy!!!


Dear May,

I'm really glad to know you and have you as my friend. My life will never be dull and bored as long as I've you. Thanks for being there for me whenever I need a shoulder to cry off. You're a great-beautiful-supportive-friend and I want to treasure you safely in my 'safety box' (just in case you might want to run away from me.. lol...)

This 9 years of friendship will keep on growing, right?

Do take care and hope to see you again.. my best mamak... ;D

Miss you... ;)