20 August 2008

Another Trip To Bukit Tinggi

Anybody still remember Bukit Tinggi in Pahang, Malaysia?
I remembered I did a post on this before.. em... like few months ago? Well, let me check the post link..

Here it is: Fresh Scallop In Bukit Tinggi

I love visiting the place. Fresh air, cold temperature, music from the crickets and most importantly.. GREEEEN!!!!

It reminds me of my hometown in Penang.
Ahwww..... Miss miss miss..

Look at what I've got you while I was in Bukit Tinggi. I got you a lovely collection of photos. Yes! Photo time... :)

The river has turned into chocolaty colour- like the one in Chocolate Factory Movie. Haha.. There was a heavy down pour few hours before we reach there. That's why the river was turned into brown.. Whhuooo....

Again, I visited the Bukit Tinggi BBQ Restaurant again.

I just simply love the atmosphere in this restaurant and not to forget the food. Well, I will have another photo snapping moment around this restaurant.

Ohhh... The empty bottle of Blue Mountain 2003

*Blink Blink*

While I was busy snapping picture around the place, I noticed a little girl who was happily singing besides a table.. Isn't she cute? Haha.. I miss my childhood.. Wish to be small again.. :(

Remember the umbrellas? They are creative aren't they?
Psstt... can I take one down? It's raining heavily out there.. :P

This dog has reminded me about my previous attempt in saving a puppy which fell into a deep drain.

Link: Here

I was there when a puppy fell into a deep drain. I did save it out and luckily. I guess, the puppy must be as big as this (if it's still alive)...
I wonder how it is right now. Hope that it is safe and healthy.


There is a snail! And look.. what is the long, wet, greeny thingy? Eeeerrrrrr....

It's eating it's own... shit?


By the way, I love this photo a lot. It's so.. natural.. Haha..
I'm glad that my digital camera is still working well with me. Thank you... Hugs hugs..
So, what do you think about this photo collection? Do you like it?

Next coming post: From RC Deaf Mission and Malacca!!!

Stay tune!