24 July 2008

New Layout, Yahoooo!!!

Hello my dear reader,

I am in my coursemate's room, waiting for my evening class later. Sigh.. It's so torchering. I am so sleepy yet my mind insisted my body to blog, at least for few words here. From this table, I could see my friend sleeping so enjoyably. Ahhwwww.....

Nevermind, I will join her soon.

Just, I'm too excited to share my joy here. I believe most of you have realized that I've changed my blog layout from 2 column into 3 column (How silly am I asking this question? Uhh!) The most impressive stuff I love the most from this blog template is that I can get a new tab (on the top of this blog) for my blog!


Finally I can get one. Besides, this template is with 3 columns in which I can place my widgets creatively in any corner. It will be more organize and clean.

However, the post column is kinda small compare with my previous template. As a result, the contents have to be squeezed up, and it will be harder to be read. Sob... sad... nothing is perfect right?

Nevermind, I will keep on using this template until I spot another template. I hope you like my template (and thanks to those who left a comment regarding to my blog template earlier).

What do you think about this?
Do you feel it's better than my previous template?
Or any suggestion you have here?

I want to hear from you, so do leave a comment in my egg box... :)