17 July 2008

Choi Heong Yuen Bakery, Macau

I guess I've nearly forgotten about my Macau post. I've stopped blogging my travel post for nearly 2 weeks until one of my friend reminded me. Haha.. thanks Cfy. It did take me some times to edit those photos and finally, they are ready to be served for my readers.. :)
My last post: Here.

Can you feel my excitement again?
Lol... Whenever I blog about my Macau trip, I can feel how excited I am. (Mentah-mentah la kurang keluar)

As I've promised you, I'm going to show you around with my bus!!!

You're in my bus now, can't you feel it?

It was raining heavily at that moment which had caused us being trapped in the bus for few hours. Hmph... how unlucky I'm. Somehow, I still manage to snap some photos in the rain. We'd been suggested to visit some famous bakery shops for their local product such as biscuit, tart, nuts and etc since it was raining so badly.

We did pass by....

Mc Donald,
Pa dap pa pa pa.... I'm Loving It!

And about 15 minutes journey, we reached the shop.

Well, we were safe under my care. Hahaha....

I drove a BUS...

Do you believe me?

Better not!

While waiting on the bus for the rain to stop, I unconsciously did Karen Cheng pose. Lol... I didn't know about it until Kennysia blog about it. Haha... Whatever, I like this effect.. ;)

I like the building for their ancient design and classic colour.
The combination is perfect!
I wanna own a shop like this!!!

Which one look better?

The sky was dark and cloudy... and the floor was wet.. >__<

So, this is it- The Choi Heong Yuen Bakery Shop in Macau.
Welcome to the shop and make yourself like home here.. :P

So, here are their products and grab as much as you want.. hehe..

'Han Yan' biscuit

Honestly, I don't like the 'han yan' smell. It feels like cockroach smell to me..
Oopss.. sorry..
but I really afraid of that smell.

Somehow, my mum told me that the taste was great.

While I was wandering around the place, I spotted this. It looks nice. $18 per pack.. Emm...
Then, I found out something even more tempting.. 'Bak Kuah'!!!! Oohh... my favorite!!!!

I convinced my mum to buy 'Bak kuah' for me but then.. she refused. Her reason was:

"It will be too oily to keep in the luggage. Get them in Malaysia"

Who wanna keep in the luggage? I wanna keep them immediately in my digestive system before flying back. Excuses!!!

Nevermind, because later I noticed something even better. Yes! The Portuguese Egg Tart!!!! Gosh. My stomach is drumming right now although I just have a Chicken McD + French Fried + Coca-Cola. Shit!

I wanna fly to Macau for more egg tart right now!
*flying without wings*

While my parents were busy purchasing their products, I took the chance to scan around the whole shop. Again, I discovered something new, something worth to be shared here.

This is their High-Tech-Kitchen. Haha... Ok.. Not that High-tech since they are trying to keep the tradition look of their kitchen as much as possible.
So, this is it!

They use charcoal to make their biscuit which make the taste even tastier.. emm... :)
I wonder did they used charcoal to make the egg tart? Because the egg tart is really good...
*yum yum*


After spending for about half an hour there, finally we reached the counter and pay for the products. While I was standing in front of the counter, I saw a poster - about the "No Plastic" campaign. It's for the environment awareness campaign and I kinda envy with their government. At least, they do something meaningful for the country and the world in order to prevent global warming issue. Unlike us, we're still busy handling the problem of corruption and political issues.

*big sigh*
*add a bit sweat*

Based on the campaign, every customer will be given a reusable plastic bag- Yup. Just one. But then, I was wondering: Shouldn't they use something like paper bag instead of plastic? Emm....???

This was my last photos before the sales assistant stopped me from capturing any photo in the shop. It's ok. I've a good collection of them, right?

P/S: I wonder, why don't they just let me snap more photos. I'm promoting their shop and their products, right? Puff....

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