04 July 2008

A Group Of People Who I Love The Most

It's 2.10a.m now. I've tried so hard to sleep but failed. I guess, I've been worrying too much lately. But it's ok. I still have my blog to keep me company. I tried to go through my photo albums in my hard disk in the hope that they will cheer up my lonely night. And yes, they did.

I still remember I've promised you to show you some of my group photos during in the Nuffnang Wild Blogging Party. Here they are, finally!

Finally I get the chance to see my transparent-orange-wings! Haha.. Thank you Hwei Ming for this photo!

My new friends.. Hello~

Looking at these photos has cheered up my night when I'm still struggling here. All of the worries seemed to be like slowly fading away.

I've loved to be in a group especially 'this' one. Everyone here are so warm and friendly. Honestly, I'm glad to have a few group photos with them. Oh ya, and just recently, Joshuaongys told me that they've named themselves as DGMB group. DGMB? Of course, I did ask for the meaning and he simply sent me a link: here.

Yes. It's the Definitely Gang Maybe Bang group. Sound cool uh?
Till now, I am still regretting for missing the cool gathering. I wanna be a part of you guys.. can? can? Lol..

Here are my new friends.. (accept.. David Cheong and Hwei Ming? Lol.. old friend?)

I've a serious question to ask.. Did I miss anyone? Do let me know.. Thanks!

Thank you guys for being my friends and hope to see you again in the next gathering.. ;)
P/s: Special thank to Nigel, Kelli and Hwei Ming for all these lovely photos... *hugs*

By the way, I've received quite a number of messages from some of you. Ahww... Thanks.. really thank for your concern about how am I right now. I'm good and don't worry about me. I promise to be strong and happy all the time, k?