28 July 2008

A Gift For Diese's Nano Love

What is your reaction when you receive words as sweet as this from your blogger friend?

From Diese:

Why this? And why her?? CurryEgg recently lost someone who is very special to her and very close to her heart. I can understand all the emotions she’s been through then and now as I was in the same situation few years back. I really want her to have this so that she can store all her precious memories with her late grandmother in this super cool digital photo frame.

What will you say to her?
Something like this?

"You're so nice... how sweet... "

"How wonderful you're my lovely friend...."
"Ohh... Shut up! Hug me tight right now!" (too emotional)

".........................." (Losing your words)

This is my reaction:

Lately, Nuffnang is organizing a contest, called "Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest". Yeah, another contest from Nuffanng.

It might be just-another-contest from Nuffnang but it's not a just-another-contest for me. This will be my most meaningful contest post which I sincerely dedicating it to one of my friend in Malaysia.

After spending some hours looking for my best present to a lucky Nuffnanger, finally I've found my perfect present. Guess what? I've a present for you!


Diese, this is for your sincerity..

The iPod Nano 8GB - Silver!

Diese, this is for you. I've been thinking very hardly in these few days and finally I've found the best present for you - The iPod Nano 8GB. Thanks RealMart for sponsoring this competition. It gives me the chance to send my care and love to my friend.

(P/S: The price for the products in RealMart is reasonable. Besides, you can redeem your Real Rewards point in your every purchase. Cool! Better than e-Bay)

Mum always reminds me that I should give something which I love to the person as a present. Never gives anything that you hate or dislike to the person. That's why, I'm going to give her a iPod Nano 8GB which I've been wanting for so long. I hope she loves music?

Ever since I was a kids, music has been a part of my life and no matter where I am, my right brain will start playing the music (rock, pop, country, jazz and etc) while my hands will clap and the feet will tap on the floor. If I'm in an ecstatic mood, you will hear me singing and dancing in the bathroom... That's when my mum will start shouting at the door, asking me to stop all the irritating noise..

"Mum... my voice is sweet la..."


I always believe that music is a good therapy for easing the mind and relaxing the body. Whenever you're angry or emotional, picking songs from Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears, can help you shouting and screaming.
On the other hand, if you feel so much of love, songs from KennyG and Mariah Carey can improve the atmosphere.

This is my babey which has been accompanying me for years- My 512MB Creative MP3. Ohh... I'm I'm loving it!

Sometimes, the quite library is too boring for me, so I need a mp3 to keep me awake and energize.

And this is my little helper...

My little babey... :)

Thank you for keeping me awake in the cold, quiet library. Or else.....

Knowing that music play such an important role, Diese, you deserve this iPod Nano 8GB which worth for RM769.00...

It will be my friendship gift, may I?

Special Notes to:

* Thanks again, Diese - for the lovely idea
* Thanks Nuffnang - for organizing this contest
* Thanks RealMart - for sponsoring this contest

You guys make my day brighter.

Diese, wanna meet up and have tea in AutoCity? Hehe.... WAit! Are you from Penang?