26 June 2008

Breakfast In Macau

Having breakfast in Macau is not cheap compare to China. You can get at least RMB26++ for four people in Zhu Hai, China whereas MOP48++ in Macau. Oh my, did I tell you I had been to Zhu Hai, China before Macau? Oopss.. Sorry. Look like I've forgotten about it. I guess, Macau is too stunning with its night view and interesting historical places compare to Zhu Hai until I can forget about it? Sorry..

Anyway, I will blog about Zhu Hai after this. You will be amazed with what I have in my external hard disk right now. Hundreds of photos are in there.


Back to my story on breakfast searching attempt in Macau. We had been to several restaurants around the hotel area and looking for tempting meals with reasonable cost. Generally, majority of the restaurants are selling the same type of meals and charge for similar price.

We had done a little survey by walking around the area before coming into this cute, warm restaurant named "Chi Mei Mun Uk". I like their logo and banner. Isn't that creative?

Seriously, the creative design and the tempting aroma of food did attract us to enter the restaurant immediately without thinking twice. OMG! What happen to us? I guess, their strategy work well in attracting curious costumers like four of us here. Ha!

Clearly, they had stated all the meals and price in a piece of laminated colour menu. We took about few minutes, digesting all the information on the menu and next, start picking our meals in set. They have provided us with a few attractive set - 12 set of them!
Here are our order:

Whole cost: MOP87++

Within 17 minutes, our breakfasts were ready. They are fast. Good service I should say. So, here are our meals. They are quite heavy for me honestly. Usually, I will only drink a cup of Milo (chocolate drink) and a few pieces of biscuit or bread for breakfast because I am not fully awake. Unlike lunch and dinner, I will eat a lot!!

My hot milk tea
My mum's breakfast: Soup noodles

Mine breakfast set - a bun, corn, fried egg and 2 sausages

This is how I look like when I was half awake. Lol.. I was forced to wake up at 7.20 a.m and have my breakfast at 8.00a.m. I can feel my tired eyes with messy hair in this picture. Lol..
Nah.. you just gotta accept my look when I look awful. Haha.. Everyone has their good and bad look, agree?

My cousin's breakfast: Sandwiches, chicken wing, ham and corn.

Here are the very special meal in which you should look for if you're in Macau or Hong Kong. They are famous with this meal. Of course, I will only recommend you if only if you take pork. Or else, I'm sorry.

So, please welcome the most famous food in Macau and Hong Kong- "Zhu Pa Pau" (Pork Chop Burger). No one will ever miss this (This is what my parents told me). Lol.. But it's true.

My dad's breakfast : Pork Chop Burger

The fresh, soft bun is so crispy with the taste of the melting butter. And oh no!!! No one can ever resist the indescribable taste of the grilled pork chop and onion which will tempt you to chew them immediately! Eerrr... Give me that right now!

And who are the lucky one who ordered this meal? Well.. He's my dad.. Eerr...
Before my dad could touch the plate, I stole half of it and my mum took another half. Sad to say that my dad ended up eating my meal. Lol.... Sorry dad. "Zhu Pa Pau" is too hard to resist. No worries, I'm not a bad daughter. I did give him a quarter of the pork chop burger.

*Evil laugh*