15 June 2008

Dad... You're Rock!

As I've promised, the last 7th song will be my dad's song!
Today is his day, Father's Day! So his daughter has done a wonderful post for him and which might make him famous in no time... Haha.. I'm such a 'good' daughter... ;D

Full version of Rhinestone Cowboy when he was driving. Lol... Dad.. Be my superstar please! *Flower.. get him a bouquet of flower*

A note for dad:
Dad, you're such a great daddy and I hope you know it. All the things you've done to the family are being appreciated- love, cares, support.. We may have lot of arguments but everything will be alright because I know you're teaching me something, something useful for my life. And thank dad for making me such a special meals ever since I was small. I know you cook better than mum.. shhh... haha...

(it looks untidy.. but it tastes great!)

Chicken chop
(I've written a post about this before)

Mee suah soup
(my favorite)

  • A comment from my reader in cbox:

UnknownSunwayBrats did leave you a comment and he/she say that your chicken chop is really yummylicious! Lol.. I wonder is it true? Anyway, it prove that you do have admire? HAha... (unknownSunwayBrats, if you read this do let me know your website or email address so that I can reply you.. thx)

Thank for giving your love and care to the family in which will strengthen the bond between family. I'm glad to have you as my dad... Dad, you're ROCK!!!

Happy Father's Day
Hugs.. ;)

By the way, Dad... when are you going to sing another song?