03 June 2008

Curryegg: Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Before reading any further, I need you to fully use your imagination. Switch on your right brain and start fantasizing. This is very important so that you will not get lost while I'm bringing you into my fantasy world.

My first comic production.
(Ohh.. I'm living it...)

Click them to enlarge the image

Finally, Curryegg has chosen the Butterfly as her mascot.
But why? Why did she need a mascot anyway?

If you're my regular readers, you may realize that lately I didn't update my blog as often as or as interesting as before. Well, I've a very good reason to explain this. Based on the comic above which I drew it this morning, it's obvious that I'd been to the Tropical Rain Forest with Tony Egg (Tony Stark?) to pick up for my favorite wild animal. I desperately need a mascot right now for Curryegg.Com.

I know, you're asking why I need to pick a mascot for my blog?
Isn't that sound funny? All I've to do is to pick a bowl of curry and some eggs then my job is done. So, why I'd to fly all the way in my 'curryegg's bowl plane' to the jungle looking for a wild animal? I know, it's tiring.

If it's not because of the Southeast Asia’s first ‘live blogging’ gathering which will be held on this coming 21st June 2008 at Modesto'/Rain Sri Hartamas, Malaysia, I will not travel all the way to the jungle. I want to get into the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party! I WANT TO GO!!!
No matter there are trillions of eggs I need to cook for my 999 restaurants in all around the globe, I can ignore my job just for the party... Nuffnang, can you feel my sincerity? *Sob*

I must confess, I'm crazing for the party right now.
One of my very first reason is... I can meet up with many many many Malaysian bloggers (Nuffnangers) who will be wearing animal customs. Animal Customs? Are you serious? Like Batman, Catwoman, Mickey Mouse, Doremon and Barney(uhhh?) ??????
Well, I'm not sure how will the party turn up but I know, it will be exciting!

Besides, there will be numerous of fantastic prizes like PSP (for the best live blog post), Dell Laptop (for the best female and male animal customs) and etc. OMG! I want PSP and Dell laptop! Aarrrggg... Curryegg, please control yourself..

Guess what, all the Nufffnangers who will be invited to the party will get the chance to use the mini Maxis broadband and blog about the event on LIVE! OMG! Live? That's mean I've to expose my blogging styles in front of hundreds of 'scary bloggers' (who almost everyone of them own a hi-tech camera)....

Oh.. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

No matter how, I still wish to get a place to the party. Yes!
And Ms. Butteregg is going with me... ;)

Her name is Butteregg

I can hear some of you are asking, why I choose a butterfly? Firstly, I love butterfly and it's the second animal I learn to draw when I was a child. Secondly, my mind is still with 'Anything Butterfly', a photography competition help by Lupus Malaysia.
These are some of my photos.

For sure, none of them win a prize but it's ok. I'm glad to join the contest. At least, I learn something new from this event about Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Yes!

So look at these photos, they are much better.. ;)
I took them from the websites.

So please... Nuffnang. Count me in for the party. I'm totally 'Wild' about Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Gathering!!!