31 May 2008

Who Are The Big Mac Chant Winners?

Big Mac Chant.

“Two All-Beef Patties,
Special Sauce, Lettuce,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun!”

(read this in 4 second and you'll get a free BIg Mac in McD outlet)

Most of the Nuffnangers in Malaysia are competing for RM 10,000 since in the beginning of May. It was organized by Mc Donald and Nuffnang and now, the video submission and voting session are closed. Yes. It's over and now they are looking for the winner!

Before this, I'd planned to enter this video competition. However, I gave up. Why? Firstly, I don't eat beef. I'm a Buddhist and ever since I was an infant, I don't take beef till now. (accept milk..lol..) If I want to make a video which requires me to show how tasty the 2-all-beef patties is, I know I will fail. Hahaha....

Secondly, I'm bad in tongue twister. Chanting for the whole phrase within 4 seconds in front of the camera will kill me immediately. And... You don't wanna see how dumb Curryegg looks like, right? Lol.. ;D

Finally, I'm not as productive as THEM... They are so supercalifragislisticexpealidociously (learn from Joshuaun) creative! Darn! How will I ever compete with them in video editing, acting skills, charming looks, creative idea and etc etc etc? Lol..

So, rather than crashing my head into pieces looking for ideas, I prefer waiting for their products and happily enjoying their works right now. Oh ya, and I can blog about them! Hehe... *goyang-kaki*

While browsing from page to page in the website for videos, I've finally picked out my Top 13 (trying to make it top 10 but I failed to eliminate them) video clips which I think they're worth to be shared. I just simply adore these video clips...
Have a look.

By: Sean Tan

By: Andrew Shim

By: Leong Wai Yin

By: Noelle Kot

By: Eunice Ong

By: Chan Ze Xiang

By: Alan Keevan

By: Tung Jie Feng

By: Dheepan Rajagoba

By: Joey Yong

This is one of the most craziest idea from Kennysia. Lol.. Watch this or you will miss Osama hunting for burger.

By: Kennysia

This is my favourite romantic video clip. Ahwww.... I love this! It looks so real.. However, the votes are not as much as others. Anyway, you're in Top 1 in Curryegg.Com. Lol.. Wish you all the best!

By: Hong Yi

I shall say:
"Well done to all of you for all the effort you've put in. You've really done a great job! Bravo!!". We (Malaysian) shall never look down on our ability because... Malaysia Boleh! (Malaysia Can) Haha...

All the best for the result, Nuffnangers! I feel like wanting to know the result right now. Who will win? Who is the winner of the RM10,000? Who? Who? Who?
Oohhh... Tell me!