25 May 2008

Stop Barking!

When I'm so disappointed with my grandma's condition, someone has really made me mad. I'm kinda piss of with that uncivilized China girl. Everybody is trying to help the victims in SiChuan and this girl, she was voicing her dissatisfactions by recording a video clip? She cursed all the way.


I'm really getting emo here. People around the world are trying so hard to raise the fund for the victims and she as the Chinese who stay in China say such thing to her people? I'm a Malaysian and I'm trying so hard to help spreading the banner for China-Burma campaign and she.. what did she do? Blaming the earthquake victims for causing her life miserable?
What're the miserable things that she means?

Miserable for watching the same news on earthquake since day one?
Miserable for the grey websites during mourning moment?
Miserable for looking at the dead bodies?
Miserable for the bridges and brooms who failed to get marry?

She should be ashame with her curses. Let put another way round. If she is the victims and someone throw out words like what she did in the videoclip, how will she feel? Will she think that she deserve the to be punished by the earthquake? Gosh! Who are her parents? Please show up!

I really couldn't believe with what I'd heard from her stupid-idiot-rude video clip when I first visited Ced's latest post. If she can spend the time recording a soon-to-be-banned video, why don't she do something beneficial like the McDonald chanting video contest? She can get the chance to win RM100,000! Wait, I guess she wants to get notice from the media so that she can get popular soon? Lol... No day dreaming please.

Actually, I'm really emotional today. Grandma is sick right now. Sigh..

Sorry for bursting everything out on this post. I just wish that there are someone/somewhere I can share my feeling with. Thank for listening. Hugs..
Good night. I'm going to sleep now...

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