17 May 2008

Beautiful View At Pantai Bersih, Penang?

Last weekend, my cousins had taken us to the fisherman village at Pantai Bersih, Butterworth in Penang to have our lunch. I guess, I've been there for second time but I just hardly remember when was it. Couple of years ago?

So, this is one of the seafood restaurants in Pantai Bersih (Clean Beach). It's called...

Here were our meals- some very simple meals since adults are afraid of oily and high cholesterol food.

Black soy sauce pork.

Since there was an energetic youth there (*me*), so I'd special orders: Deep fried fish and deep fried Sotong (squid)

Grandma and aunt.

After having my lunch, I took the chance to discover the place. What did I find out? I found a few big aquariums containing prawns, crabs and...

Horseshoe crab! (Urner, you're right!)
This is the answer for those who are still guessing the name of this creature.

NOTE: I heard only the female Horseshoe Crab will be eaten for her eggs. What? Only the female? That's mean all of these Horseshoe Crabs were female? Eerr... Unfair!

P/s: Sigh... I feel sorry for that... Discrimination!

Did I tell you that the restaurant is located besides the beach?
Here are some photos to be shared with you.

What do you think? The view are beautiful with the blue, clear sky and clean water? Wait.. wait.. Don't make any judgment yet. Look at these photos first.

Do you still think that.. Pantai Bersih (Clean Beach) is as clean as its name?
Mum told be that the place was really clean, 20 years ago before I was born. That's why it was named as Pantai Bersih. Somehow, I've no chance to see the clean, beautiful beach at Pantai Bersih anymore. Not even my children and grandchildren. *Sigh....*

Will the beach be worse in the next 10 years?
The answer is yes. It will be worse. While men keep on polluting the earth, there will be no chance for our Mother Earth to survive. Not even Pantai Bersih.

Can you see the island? It's the Penang Island.

I think we should change the name to Pantai Kotor (Dirty Beach).
It suits the name right?