15 May 2008

May, The Month Of Disaster

I thought the month of May should be a relaxing month for the students since the semester break is starting or will start soon (in most country). However, it's out of my expectation.

Each day, the media will report big issues such as how the parliament in Malaysia acted like a zoo, how men are going to extinct in another 1 million years and how Josef Fritzl raped his daughter, Elisabeth in an underground dungeon - and the abuse lasted 24 years.

He should be put in the jail and serve the community for the rest of his life.

Well, those are not a big, serious issues if compare to the cyclone in Myanmar and earthquake in Sichuan Province, China which has killed nearly 68,000 and 10,000 death respectively (and the amount of death being reported is still increasing each day).

What's happening to our Mother Earth right now?
Is it a hint that the world is going to end, soon?

I really couldn't stop myself from being upset and heart-breaking whenever I watch the news on Myanmar and China. The cyclone in Myanmar has drown thousands of lives while the earthquake was powerful enough to be felt throughout most of China. Many children were buried under the rubble of their schools. Isn't that cruel? Why God is taking away so many lives within weeks? Have we done something wrong?
Look at these:

Photos from Myanmar

Photos from China.

Resources: BBC.New

What do you see from these photos?
Grief, sorrow, severe losses and suffer.

Sometimes I feel that God is really cruel for taking away so many innocent lives within minutes. Why he willing to grab away lives of the innocent students who were eager for knowledge at school? Why do he willing to drown the poor residents in Myanmar and left nothing for those who survive? Why people like Josef Fritzl is not been punished?

I know, we should blame the God. There are always reasons behind any incident. Maybe human should be blame for polluting the world each millisecond in every part of the world. We pollute the air, we pollute the water and land. As a result, global warming occurs and this has caused a big hole on our ozone layer. Sigh... Big sigh...

Maybe you're thinking that global warming has nothing to do with natural disaster. Well, there is a correlation between global warming and cyclone in Myanmar. If you've watched a movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" you will know how global warming will cause flood.

The effect of global warming:

Increasing global temperature will cause sea level to rise, and is expected to increase the intensity of extreme whether events and to change the amount and pattern of precipitation. Other effects of global warming include changes in agricultural yields, trade routes, glacier, retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors.

From Wikipedia.

Global warming will bring a great effect to all of the residents on earth from every now and then. We should get prepare with all the possibilities. At the same time, we should put in some effort to prevent global warming from becoming worse.

There are several easy practices which we can do:
  1. Reduce the use of plastic/polystyrenes/paper.
  2. Reduce the use of CFC stuff
  3. Stop open burning
  4. Recycle or reuse our old stuff
  5. Remind others about global warming and human roles (human need to be reminded all the time so that it will enter our long term memory)

Actually, I'm not planning of doing a campaign on saving the world at the first place while blogging about this post. Somehow, I don't know how I've come into this idea on how we can help the world. Lol..

Seriously, I hope I can help like these people who're giving their hands to those victims.

sending food to the victims

I still couldn't effort to give $$$$ to help those victims but I hope I can help. So, I've come to this idea to blog about this and hope people around the world can help them- either by donating money to them via any agency or by passing this message to others.

Remember, we're lucky to be here with all the luxuries we have in our lives right now (or else, we will not be able to sit in front of the computer comfortably, reading this post, am I right?).

So be grateful with what we have and help those who're in need.
They need our support.