09 May 2008

When Is Mother's Day?

I guess, it's very clear that Mother's Day is just around the corner. Too bad, I don't really remember the exact date for the celebration.
*sorry mum*

So, I tried to surf the net and ask uncle Google for the hints. Well, he leaded me to a website, Wikipedia and I thought it was good since Wikipedia is one of the website which can gain my trust. This is his answer: The second Sunday in May. Hohoho... that's mean there are another 2 days left for the Mother's Day celebration in Malaysia.

But before that, I was kinda shock because I didn't know that the date for Mother's Day celebration is difference in some country. For example Mother's Day in Norway falls on the second Sunday in February, Romania falls on 8th March, Mexico on the 10th May and Indonesia on 22th December. Wow.. That's really informative. Thank Mr. Wikipedia for the information. Or else, I will still stuck in my own box, knowing nothing about Mother's Day around the world.

No matter how, it's important to not forget your mother for what she has done to you. You might hate her for leaving you ever since you're small, or afraid of her for abusing you or even angry of her for not buying you a BMW. No matter what are the reasons, do remember that she loves you and will always love you because you're her child, her lovely child.

One of my lecturer ever told me that: "The hardest job in life is becoming a mother". He's right. It's not easy to give birth to a child. It's like the mother's fighting with death. I still hardly figure out how I manage to squeeze out from my mum's womb and what was her situation at that moment. She must be struggling.. Sigh...

I remember she told me that my head was too big and it cause such a great pain on her. Uhh? Kek sim... Is it my fault? :(

Tomorrow, we will have a big family gathering with all the mothers in Penang. Yahoooo! I'm in Penang again. My sweet hometown. It will be a special gathering. Hehe... can't wait to see my mum's happy face.. *wink*

So, how will you celebrate Mother's Day? Buy her flowers? Watch? Birdnest? Ogawa massage chair? haha...

I favourite Baby-G!

Or... do her a flavor.. ;)

A note for my mum: I love you mother....

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