01 May 2008

Kelly Tan E Li?

I believe of the Malaysian had heard about Kelly Tan E Li. Wei... don't tell me you haven't heard about it??? It's such a big news for the 2008 Valentine Day in Malaysia. Her boy friend, David Tan proposed her using the RM54,000! (RM 14,000 for the diamond ring and the rest for the billboard)

Of course, every woman will accept (I mean majority). Who will not feel touch am I right? Or else, she will appear in the newspaper for another issue: "Kelly Tan E Li rejected her boyfriend". Lol..

Actually, I'm not interested with the out-dated-news. Instead, I'm interested with the photos (which I stole from Kailoon) and the name on the billboard. Well, I had heard about the billboard but missed the chance to 'stare' at it.. Haha..

You might ask why I need to stare at the billboard?
Firstly, I want to see the guy's face. (see whether handsome or not). Secondly, her name is really similar to my name! I mean my real name not Curryegg. Haha.. OMG!!!

This is their related news

If her name is really 100% same with my name, I might mistakenly think that he's proposing me! Then you will see Curryegg appear in the newspaper with the headline:

"Curryegg Mistakenly Accept David Tan's Proposal"
"David Tan Married The Wrong Girl"
"Kelly Tan E Li Fight With Kelly Tan K Li"

Muahaha... I'm too good in imagination... ;)
By the way, thank you Kailoon for giving me the chance to see this billboard... ;)