04 May 2008

Can't Help Falling In Love With YOU

I just couldn't stop myself from dreaming about him...

He's so cute...
He's intelligence...
He's so hot!

How can I stop looking at his face?

Am I confessing about my love one in curryegg.com? I know I shouldn't... but I can't stop myself from not blogging about him. Ahww.....

I love him!

Obadiah Stane

.. not this old, bald man.. It's him...

Tony Stark who built a high tech suit.
Real name: Robert Downey JR.

Yes.. This is him. I love him so much when he wears this...

You're right. He's the Iron Man! Look at the red, gold iron mask. I kinda attracted to it when I watched this on 2 May 2008 (after my Learning Psychology paper). To be frank, I rarely like watching action and aggressive movie. I'm more into girly stuff like Princess Diary, A Cinderella Story, A Bee's Life, Beauty and The Best and etc. But this time, it's exception. I start to love action movie like Spiderman, Transformer, The Guardian and now, Iron Man. They are really great movies and I enjoy the storyline.

Well, this time Iron Man movie has really caught my heart. At first, I thought the movie will be boring since... Iron Man is made by iron which means no big muscles being shone like Batman. Haha... Somehow, Iron man is difference. It's more to Technology, just like Transformer- advance!

Besides, I love the storyline and the way they present the story. One word, creative!

Oh ya. I've forgotten to mention this. Iron Man can fly! Haha...
This is the IronMan website.

Besides Iron Man, I would love to recommend you another great movie, "Forbidden Kingdom". I'd watched it twice. Undeniably, the story is really intriguing. Watch it if you still haven't. Even aunty and uncle like my mum and dad love the movie.

And the interesting part is, my mum has fallen in love with...

Jacky Chan!

And Jet Li...

I love Kung Fu.. ;)

As for me, I love looking at this girl... (Ok.. I'm not a lesbian ok?)

She's so gorgeous, isn't she?

Uhhh.... I wanna watch again for both Iron Man and Forbidden Kingdom movies in the cinema (not cetak rompak) because of the large screen and the sound effect!!!

P/s: I will watch today if there is no exam tomorrow (5/5/08).
Last paper! Hurroyyy!!!