20 May 2008

Please Give Me Photo For Girls Without Bra And Underwear

I couldn't stop laughing when my Nuffnang analytics shows this result at the keyword column.

The searcher or searchers of this information really darn funny. I guess he or she must be a first user for search engines.

Firstly, he/she didn't have to use the word "Please" because Uncle Google or any other search engines will definitely grant his/hers wish. Just type the word and within second, thousands of websites will appear.

Secondly, he/she did not have to use such a long sentence.
Just simply use one word and million of desire photos will appear. What's the word? Naked lor...

girls without bra and underwear
= naked

But wait a minute... I guess my blog has become a place for gaining naked photos or something related to bra and underwear??? Look at the picture again and you will see some results on "Men underwear Malay", "women in push up bra pics", "Why use push up bra" and "men bra". Gosh...

These are how they come to my blog?
Well, this is not the first time.

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