18 May 2008

Going Red For China And Myanmar

More and more people around the world are lending their hands to help the victims in China and Myanmar. At the same time, the media keep on showing the news of these disasters ever since the incidents took place. Why? They're trying to send the message to the fortunate countries about how bad the situations are. They need our support, love and help.

I've been seeing a lot of volunteers (from the TV) around the world are helping the victims who were trapped in the water (Myanmar) and the collapsed buildings (China). I'm touched. I just couldn't stop my tears from rolling down whenever I watched the news of the people in China and Myanmar.

Now, people in China especially in SzeChuan province are spending their time in the local online forums and bulletin boards. Some are looking for their lost relatives, some are posting photos and video at the place, and some are looking for help. Click here to read more.

It did make me realize that they need our support, love and help. So, why not we gather our energies here and show our love in the blogosphere to them? At least, we can show how much we care for them while they're suffering over there?

How Can We Help To Show Our Support?

I've visited Puvanan's blog and have found out on the Global Action Day for Burma's Cyclone Victims campagin. It's a good campaign and easy to follow. Just turn your blog into red to show your support for Myanmar.

So why not we join this campaign for the victims not only in Myanmar but China as well by turning our blog into red or pink? Maybe.. for at least 3 days in this week?

Since Wesak Day is on 19th of May 2008 (tommorrow), I'm going to start this campaign soon. So are you going to join with me? Let show our love by turning our blog into red for only 3 days. Remember, they need us...

Happy Wesak Day...