29 May 2008

Flooded With Books


Did I ever tell you I love reading books? Ever since I was a child, I love books. Of course, I don't mean story books because I didn't know how to read. Unfortunately, my parents were working very hard in pursuit our financial needs. So, I rarely being taught to read like any other kids. *sob*

Anyway, I still love books.

  • Age 2-4: Colouring Books
  • Age 5-12: Comic Books (Doremon, Dragon Ball, Sailormoon)
  • Age 13-17: Academic Books (PMR and SPM)
  • Age 18-now: Novels (Especially Chick Lit and Fantasy story) and motivation books

As you can see, my choices of books are changing over the age. I guess it's because of the environment and my own development has changed the way I choose the type of book I read. Did this happen to you too?

As for now, I love Chick Lit and motivation books. I've a great passion in reading these kind of books. It stimulates my hormone(adrenaline, endorphine or oxytocin) unconsciously! Haha.. I will feel greatly in love and motivated once I've finished the books. Ohh... I need books right now!

Lucky to know that Popular is organizing another BookFest in KL Convention,KLCC, Kuala Lumpur and I'd done my shopping few days ago! (That's why I'm late to update my blog yesterday, sorry...)

These are the books I'd bought! Ohhhh... I'm so deeply in love with them..
"Honey, mama is here blogging about all of you.."

There are 9 books all together and I still feel like buying another 2 books: The Secret and Confession Of A Shopaholic. Both of these are real good books especially The Secret (Most of the people were purchasing this book!) Sigh... I'm running out of budget which has caused me to return the two great books on the shelves. Sob.. Don't worry, I will get you next time.. Promise.

Anyway, I don't have to worry because I've these 5 best-seller books with me. Hehehe.. *evil laugh*

"P.S. I Love You" from Cecilia Ahern and "Shopaholic & Baby" from Sophie Kinsella are the novels which I'm dying to own. They have caught my attention when I came across with a magazine. The editor has made a review on these books and I'm eager to get them straight away once I was in the book fair. Yes!!!
And they are cheap! RM 23.90 each.
Isn't that CHEAPP!!!!

Next, my favourite author, John Gray who is very famous with his first book: "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus". I like his findings and suggestions on how to get a desirable relationship with your love one. He's using Humanist approach as well in psychology.

I should say, this is a MUST HAVE book especially you're in a relationship. There are infinite problems which you will face when you're in a relationship like mistrust, misunderstanding, dishonest and etc. These problems will often lead to arguments, quarrels and fighting. His book will show you the secret of building a healthy and loving relationship with your partner by showing the differences between men and women and providing some useful tips for good communication with your partner.

This "Why Mars & Venus Collide" is his new book and I've bought it! Yes yes!

I love mind-mapping

Besides John Gray, Tony Buzan is my 'guru' in helping me to develop my cognitive thinking. He's the founder of Mind Mapping. OMG! I love him so much. Last May, Tony Buzan came to Malaysia and was given a workshop in Taylor College, KL. I had the intention to go but.... RM2,000 is really killing me! @_@

Oh my. Sob.. No picture or signature with my idol. Sigh...
I could only effort to buy his book after doing some monthly saving.

Lately, I'm interested in business. I don't know why but I'm interested to know slightly about this field. Maybe it's because of I need money desperately which will slowly change my choices of books.


So this "Why You Want To Be Rich" from Donal K. Trump (The founder of Apprentice) and Robert T. Kiyosaki has caught my attention to grab that book hurriedly without thinking twice. The book cover with the attracting title and 2 famous faces has paralyzed my rational thinking. I know I don't need the book but I'm curious to know these billionaire's and millionaire's secret (and I'm reading it now! Lol..)

When I was about the leave the fair, my eyes was caught by these chick lit novels. Look at the titile and the cover. They are so attractive.
And the most attractive thing is...

This offer. Buy 3 for 2!
That's mean if you buy 3 books, they will charge your for 2 books.

And each book just cost for RM 19.90. It's quite thick! Ohhh... my... Immediately, I grabbed 3 of the most attractive novels and headed for the counter. I know I must own these books! Haha...

Somehow, my attempt to pay for the books was failed, again when I passed by a book, "Happiness" by Joan Duncan Oliver. I don't know why but I'm interested with the title. Happiness. Lately, I'm kinda stress with my family and I wish to get a motivation book to help myself. I know the book will help me by just flipping a few pages.

The inspiring words, the colourful pages and beautiful design have turned my negative feeling into positive one. Amazing! As I always believe that right words, cheerful colour and creative design will affect one's mood and I'm right! They did influence me.

And wait a minute. It's just RM 13.70 for the book (after discount)? Isn't that worth it? It's darn CHEAP!!!

*Put it on the basket and run to the counter!*

As a result, I'd spend hundreds of ringgit on these wonderful books and I'm going to continue my reading. I wanna be a book-worm for weeks! Hahaha...

P/s: Oh ya, before I left the place, there was a free seminar, given by a young guy, Arthur Tan. It's about how to be a billionaire talk. Oh my. I missed that because I needed to rush back (to avoid KL traffic jam. Sigh..)

However, I managed to snap some photos of him. He's from Malaysia (Thank Lynnz for your information)

Pictures as a prove that I'd been to Bookfest 2008! Haha...

He's handsome! Lol..
He was selling his book at the same time. What a real Businessman!