22 May 2008

Don't Look If You Want To Eat

What kind of food is safe in your point of view?
a) Homemade
b) Outside food?

Well, I'm sure most of your answer will be homemade. Right? I always believe that homemade food is cleaner, safer and more hygienic than hawker or fast food. The reason is, most of the food is not washed properly. I had came across with a hawker stall which sells 'popiah' (Chinese salad roll?). I heard it was the best 'popiah' in town. When I was queuing and waiting for my turn to by the rolls, to my horror, I saw something I shouldn't.

One of the staff took a plastic bag, containing carrot and vegetables went to a corner and washed them. I thought they are practicing good hygienic manner since they will wash the raw food. However, my positive view has turned into a negative one when the girl was sharing the same pail of water which was used to clean the dirty, oily plates at the first place. There were bubbles on the water as well.

What's the point of washing the vegetables with polluted water? It is even worse when the food is contaminated with chemical... (Ohh.. the bubbles... yuck!)
What did I do next? Escape from the long queue and get home instead. Lol..

It's hard to get clean-100% free of germs-food. Not even at home. Still remember my previous post on Hometown, I love My Hometown. If you did, I believe you still remember the chili plants, right?

They were all planted by my grandma and they are all free from dangerous chemical. I shall say, they're all pure and organic food! Thumbs up.

As I've told you earlier, nothing is safe in this world even if you plant your food and cook them by your own.

Have you spotted the fly's eggs?
They are really tiny and if you're not sensitive enough, you might just end up eating it. WUuoooo.... I couldn't imagine it what happen next.

1) Be careful with what you eat.
2) Don't look at the process of making any food (especially in hawker center). You will end up dying of hunger.. sad.. :(