12 May 2008

Giant Fried Eggs On Holland's Steets

I just couldn't believe what I had heard about the gigantic fried eggs on Holland's streets when the reporters reported about the news last night. When they showed the photos on the television, it's true!

Fried Eggs on the street?
Who are the person who dare to cook my egg species?
Egg terrorism

Eerr..... I gotta save them!

Look.... These are the gigantic fried eggs which left on the street. How pity they are.. sob...

Photos grabbed from Weberence.Com

Don't worry. It's just an artwork from a Dutch artist, Henk Hofstra at the streets of Leeuwarden, a city in the north of the Netherlands. This art work is named “Art Eggcident”. Sounds interesting right? Each egg is approximately 30 meters wide. Wow.. that's huge.

Actually, this is a 'Save The World' campaign. It's to increase the awareness among the society to save our mother earth. Will it work? And what's the meaning between fried eggs and the earth issues? Is it related to global warming which cause the Earth's temperature increases and that is why the egg is fried? I hope that campaign will work.


Now, I am wondering, will he make curry with eggs in a bowl for me in Malaysia if I request? Haha....

If you're interested with the recipe click here.

Curry Egg!!!!