10 May 2008

How To Get Along WIth Your Readers Using Facebook?

Lately, I'm so addicted to Facebook. Sorry Friendster, not you anymore.
Maybe it is because of I've found out something valuable in Facebook, other than the exciting games. I've been hearing a lot people saying that we can earn money using Facebook. Well it's true. The function in Facebook is really useful if you wanna expand your business. You can promote your product using their ads, notification to your Facebook friends, creating group and etc.

Of course, I'm not a businessman and I've nothing to promote accept my blog. I believe a lot of bloggers wish to promote their blogs and gain more readers from time to time. That's why bloggers are using Mybloglog, Innit (nuffnang), Digg, Stumble and etc which are big communities to expand their horizon and at the same time promoting their blogs.

I'm a type of person who love making new friends and ever since I've stepped into the blogosphere, I've made quite a big amount of friends from all around the world. *Thank you to all of you*
I've tried a few ways to get along with my friends other than using the comment box which is provided in my blog. I use Mybloglog, MSN and cbox to interact with my readers and they're working and fun! However, this time Facebook has caught my attention. What others have, Facebook has too. Lol...

Here are the listed functions where you can interact with your readers:

1) MSN
Lately, Facebook has lunched a new funtion which is similar to MSN. You can chat on live with other Facebook members.

2) Games
There are thousands of games out there in Facebook for example Warbook, Be A Billionaire and etc. They are just like an online games and you can challenge your friends base on the highest point in the games. This is one of the games which I love the most- Adopting a dog!

You can pick any type of dog you love and give him/her a name. The reason why I love this games is because... the dog looks like my dog (which had passed away few years ago). Maybe I'm too missing her.. ;)

So, her name is Mandy. In Facebook, I can train her, or pet her or compete with others dog in order to get the medals...


3) Body language
Since it's impossible to have any body languages in blogosphere, Facebook can help you. You can pinch, spank, kiss, hugs, pamper or poke your friends. By this way, you know who love you and who hate you. Haha...

Rajeev and Johnny Ong can't stop poking me.. Haha...

4) Dig, Stumble, Innit, Reddit... etc..
You can use Facebook to promote your blog indirectly when you join a group. For example, I've joined a group which is called "I'm A Blogger" and I can start discussing a topic using the discussion board with other members in the group (which is similar to forum).

Besides, I can notify my latest post or blog using the posted items column by submitting my post link. The great news is, a small description and a related image from your latest post will be automatically posted in the column once you send your link there. You don't have to type anything as description to describe your post. Others can add their comment on the post as well.

Other than that, you can chat with the member using 'The Wall'.

5) Twitter
Besides, you can tell your friends about what you're doing right now by using this column. It's like Twitter.

6) Treat Your Friends.
You can treat your friends by sending a cup of coffee from Starbuck, or a set of McD meal or etc to your friends. Of course, it's fake.... HAha... Use your imagination... But at least, your friends remember you. Lol..

I guess, there are still plenty of interesting stuff which I've not yet discovered. Of course, there are disadvantages in Facebook for example the slow loading speed while using the chat box and it's time consuming when playing games. However, it's still an interesting website for me. I do hope I can get myself closure with my readers.

So, if you've an account in Facebook, do add me! Will be glad to know you.. ;)

Thank you.
Happy Mother's Day!