25 May 2008

Different Group Of Friends, Different Kind Of Feel

During my last visit to Penang, I'd met a few of my secondary school friends. It was great because everyone still looks the same. Same face, same style, same height. What else? Lolx..

We had a really great time sharing our stories with each other. We joked, we laughed and we teased one an another just like before we left Form 6 (Pre-U). Well, whenever there is a semester break, we will definitely meet up. Ohh.. I miss them..

Latest photo.

(From the left: Me, Soon Tatt, Chin Hui, Li Qian, Kim Siah, Racheal and Jie Xiang)

Few years back.

I look like a nerd. Lol..

After the meeting, it makes me realize that different group of friends will give different kind of atmosphere. I know you've experienced this isn't you? Lets say there are group A, group B and group C which you know them in different places (primary school, secondary school and church) The feeling isn't the same when you mix with group A, group B, group C respectively.

For instant, in different group of friends, we will behave differently. Agree? The way we speak, act, dress and expression are different. I don't know why. I guess, it's because of we're mixing with different kind of people with different cultures, belief and age. This can be explain in Social psychology (but I don't wanna imply any theory here. I'm having holiday now. Haha...)

I just simply miss them...

Junior and I
They are my cute junior when I was in my secondary school. However, I can't use the word "cute" anymore because, all of them are taller than me (why are you getting so tall?). Spending time with them will really cheer up my day. There will be no jealousy, no 'aunty stuff' (busy body) and less trouble. The funny thing was, they treated me like a little sister before although they're younger than me. Uhh?

The acting group.
During Pesta Tiong Hua 3 (an event held by the Chinese community in my hostel), I'd joined the drama group. I acted as a passer-by (K le feh).. lol.. We used to joke a lot and enjoy each other acting. Why? Because we don't look like the same person in real life when we're acting. Too bad, I just managed to know them for a month. What a short moment.

The drummers
I guess, I don't have to explain a lot about them because I've blogged this group before. Briefly, all of them are really sporty and nice people! We will help each other a lot.. :)

The Out-going group
Lol.. This picture was taken after Pesta Tiong Hua3 (to celebrate our hardwork), few months ago. It was my first time going out with them to Red Box, The Curve, Ikano and Midvalley. Yup. All at once! Do that sound insane? Lol...
Out-going and active are words which I can label for this group. I can play crazily without any doubt! Haha.. (I'm glad to know you all)

Coursemates group
This is another new chapter of my story. I've been knowing them for nearly a year and we're extremely close since we go to classes together, eat together, walk together, sharing the same bed together (uhh?) One thing, they're really helpful and kind. Thank God. I'm really glad to know them. Coursemates, another 3 years to go. Lol...

Blogger group

I just have this group photo which was sent by a blogger friend during Traffic Jam. Thank you. I guess, I should have take more group photos next time. Look merrier. When you spend time with bloggers, there is always one thing in common among each of them. What else? Everyone will own a camera (or at least, a camera phone). The motto here will be, be daring and active! Dare to know people and actively take photo. Haha... True?

I love blogger events!
Thank Nuffnang for starting it... ;)

During prompt night.

Roommate group

Now I miss my roommate (Cyndi: who wears white belt in the photo). Sometimes, the four of us will share our up and down together in the middle of the night (after class). It was a great experience! However, I don't think I will meet them anymore because the four of us are not staying in the hostel anymore.. Sob...

The working group

When I was still working for Khoon Hooi (a top designer in Malaysia), I've a group of friend who work in The Garden (opposite MidValley). The way they speak is totally different with mine. Maybe they've started working earlier while me? I was a bookworm.. However, I still manage to learn and join them. I should call this as a process of learning.. ;)

No matter in whichever group I'm, I'm still the same person you know at the first place. Maybe I will be a bit unnatural when we first met (either too quite or too excited.. haha..) But after some times, everything will normal. Haha...

OMG, I'd missed out my elementary and primary school friends. I should call them out and meet one day.

*grabbing the old diary and start searching for contact numbers*