26 May 2008

Five Year Old Blind Genius Pianist

I love Facebook!
I love all my friends in Facebook!
I love every awesome stuffs in Facebook!


Heeelllppp! I couldn't stop myself from falling deeper for Facebook. Why? You ask me why? Who can resist all those cool facilities and games in the largest social community (Facebook) right now? I don't know why I couldn't stop myself from mentioning the word "FaceB*#k". God! Please save me...

It's all because of my secondary school teacher, Mrs Joanne... She has caused my unstoppable tears.. Sob... She had sent me a very touching video clip in Facebook. My eyes still filling with tears right now. Gosh..

This is the best ever video clip I had ever watched!
(Psst.. Prepare a box of tissue before watching this)

It is hard for me to believe her ability in playing the piano so good although she's blind. She can play any song after hearing it once. ONCE! Can you believe it? She's really incredible! I feel embarrass with myself. I've been learning piano since age 7 but I can't play as well as her.

OMG! Digg me a hole and I want to hide my face in it.. (#_#)

I never realize that I've been given everything ever since I was born. I've a pair of good functioning eyes, ears, nose,mouth and body but I never appreciate them. Instead, I complain them a lot. Sorry mum, starting from now on I will appreciate my eyes and my height. Lol...

Watching this video clip has really touched my heart. This little girl is blind but. However, is very talented in music which has made her a genius. I'm not just admiring her ability in playing the piano well but her strong determination and desire in learning the piano as well. This little girl has never give up of hope although she live in the world of darkness ever since she was born. We shall learn from her.

My eyes are filling with tears again. Sob...
Again, thank you Mrs Joanne for sending this video clip to me. hugs..