06 May 2008

How To Deliver Your Kisses For Your Love One?

Have you ever been kissed before?
Or, have you kissed someone before?

Kissing is an expression of emotions whether that be friendship, love, or passion. There are so many different types of kisses to express your feeling either it's a simple peck on the face or a passionate kiss (including aggressive kiss, angle kiss, butterfly kiss, bambi kiss... OMG! I never know there are so many term for kisses. Read this!)
You must be stunned with the kissing terms! Haha...

So who is the person you will think of right now while reading this post?

your love one?

your doggie?
your mum?
(Ohh... Mother's Day is just a stone throw.. )

Or... ?

No matter who, where or how you kiss it's not my main discussion here. My main topic will be what will you do when your 'sweetie' is staying far apart from you (example: oversea) and you wish to kiss him or her at that moment (since the last time you kissed him/her was about 5 months ago)? You wish him/her to feel your 'passionate-hot-sweet-kiss' so that he/she will remember the sweet moment you've created with him/her. So... What will you do?

One of the suggested idea is this:

p/s: Thank Coral for sending this clip for me.

Who can beat the idea from the above video clip? It's so creative! Do send me an 'eggs' in my comment box if you've an even better idea. Haha...