21 May 2008

Hometown, I Love My Hometown

If you still remember, I'd been to Penang, my hometown last week and had spent a wonderful time with my grandma and relatives. How I hope the time will freeze for me, then I can stay with my grandma, longer.. :)

Things at the house are still the same- Same objects, same arrangement, same people. Maybe just a minor change in the garden. Let me see... emmm...

I had spotted a wild berry plant in the garden.

Look at them. They are beautiful, aren't they? It's hard to find this wild berry in the town and this is my first time tasting them. Well, they are yummilious.... ;D

Next, there is a dragon fruit plant in the garden and mum was lucky because she got the chance to see the blooming flower at dawn. Uhh.. I miss it!
That's mean.. this photo was taken by my mum!

Her skills is not bad.. ;)
Bravo mama...
If you didnt know what's dragon fruit is, do have a look at my previous post. Here

What's the next thing? Well, it's my favourite!
Welcome the cili padi trees!

It's really HOT!

The garden was so beautiful with the present of flowers. Look at these photos..

You may ask what's this. All I know it's call 'Laksa Flower'. Anybody knows its scientific name? Stop guessing. This flower is use to cook 'Asam Laksa' (which is my favourite!)

"C-O-C-O-N-U-T ah..
C-O-C-O-N-U-T, C-O-C-O-N-U-T..
Coconut, coconut, ohh...."
Children song..

Things which remind unchanged...

Haha.. They are still the same... ;)

Soon, I spotted another corner of the garden. Yam plants!

Since when my grandma has planted so many yam plants? OMG... I feel like plucking them out. Haha.. Well, I know why she plants this...

She wants to make 'Yam' rice for us. Ohh.... She's a good chef and I love her so much. Looking at the photo will only make me missing her more... and the rice.. Haha.. Get me an air ticket. I wanna go back to my hometown now!

Oh ya...
Not to forget this...

Man tou with 'pandan flavour'

I'm hungry now..