27 May 2008

Big Strange Fish Which Has Appeared In The Newspaper

Let me proudly present you..
The biggest fish in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

This fish has caught a lot of attention among the Chinese in Malaysia because of its scales. Fish scales? Are you serious? Yes. I'm serious. If you try to spend some time looking on its scales, you will notice some numbers on it. Have a look..

Can you get four numbers on the scales? Get a lottery ticket immediately and win yourself some cashes (Magnum, 1+3D and Toto). Haha.. I'd interviewed the owner of the restaurant and she told me a lot of people who came to her restaurant, Foon Lok had won the lottery and it's because of the fish! Serious? They claimed the fish will show numbers to them. So, ever since then, her business are growing. I guess the fish is bringing her good fortune?

And don't siao siao ah..
Never look down on this big-eyes-fish!
The fish appeared in the local newspaper before.. Really?

I really couldn't believe it. This strange-large-fish has attracted thousands of attention, even the media as well? Watch this video and try to observe its scales. Who knows, you might strike the lottery number? Haha...