23 May 2008

A Big Thank You To These Bloggers

News on China and Burma are still becoming the headline in daily newspaper and the media. Everyone in every corner of the world is trying their best to give a hand to these country. However, it's kinda complicated when it comes to Myanmar. Myanmar doesn't want other country to help (not allowing foreigner to enter the country) and I'm really disappointed with the country policy which is set by the government. The victims are suffering, can they see it? It should be: people first, power second policy.

Both countries are facing their own crisis and they need up from other country. Other than donating money or stuff to this country, I've come up with "using the same banner" idea few days ago. I'm really glad to get some feedbacks of my blogger friends in which are joining this campaign.

Who are they?
Let me proudly present you...
  1. Amei79
  2. 3point8
  3. Dalicia
  4. BBmarket
  5. Claire
  6. Creax
  7. Joe Ng
  8. Panda
  9. Paul
  10. Simon Seow
  11. *Your name*
Hugs.. Thank you guys for sharing this banner for Burma and China. I know, we want the world to be safe and peaceful. The banner is good to remind everyone about world peace. Let's join this campaign! I know China is still struggling looking for more survivors, so we shouldn't stop supporting them here. If you still haven't make any donation to either this/both countries, do try to do so as they really need the money.

If you wish to join the list, do email (curryegg87@gmail.com) me and I will send you the file. Then, comment here and let me know that you've uploaded it. I will add your blog in the link as a return. Thank you.

Remember to take good care of yourself and be safe. I will be here, praying for everyone. Amitbha..