20 May 2008

Malaysia Met Mr.Earthquake Yesterday?

I really couldn't believe my eyes when my mum was shouting and pointed to the aquarium. The water was shaking!

She could feel the light vibration at around 10.30pm. I thought it was a joke. Maybe someone was using the amplifier and was causing the vibration. Then, until this morning my statement has been proved wrong.

It's true. Malaysia has earthquake and the area in Kuala Lumpur especially Wangsa Maju, Setapak was facing a great vibration. OMG! The radio (My FM) had just reported it.

What happen actually?
Well. I'm quite blur actually. All I know is that Sumatra in Indonesia had earthquake last night. Sigh.. What is happening to our world? Whay happen to Asia?
For all the while, I thought we're quite safe?

Do share with me if you've anything to be shared it here. I want to know how many of us had felt the earthquake. And make sure you'll take good care of yourself OK?
May God bless us. Amitabha...

Joshuaun from Malacca could feel the earthquake too.

P/s: Lately, I'm too emotional with disasters. I'm joining China for the mourning. As a result, most of my posts will be related to the latest news. Sorry for the sudden change. I just blog whatever I feel right now, at this moment. Curryegg will be back soon.. hopefully.. :)