16 May 2008

My Large Happy Family

I love my family.
They are the most important people in my life. Without them, there will be no cheerful Curryegg in this world. Without them, she will not be as positive as today.

As I've promised my readers, I'll blog about my days in Penang during last week. It was my grandmother's birthday and at the same time, we were celebrating Mother's Day with all the lovely mothers (including my relatives, grandma and my mum).

Lately, it has been a practice in which everyone of us will make a gathering during Mother's Day. So these are the photos!


Sometimes, it's good to be children. You see, they have lot of fun. They kept on running, playing and singing all the way without any worries. Uhhh... I want to be small again..

This is my grandma's cake. It's kinda colourful however it tasted nice. Pandan and coffee flavour.

This is our big big big family! There are 4 generations here. Wow... not bad ya. Waiting my 4 year-old-niece and 7 year-old-nephew to get marry soon. Then, there will be 5 generation! Hahaha... ;)

Family gathering is one of the best way to strengthen the relationship between family members.
That's why I love FAMILY GATHERING! I hope it will become our culture soon.