19 May 2008

Using The Same Banner For China-Burma

I'd spent the whole evening creating this banner and I'm impressed with my work. Lol.. I know I'm not an expert in Photoshop but at least I'm trying my best.

Since I'm joining the campaign for Burma and China by turning my blog into red for a week, a crazy idea was rushing into my mind. Maybe we can try using the same banner for this campaign?

To have the right pixel for this image, you can email me and I'll send you the file. Then you can place your blog name in the header. (curryegg87@gmail.com)
Notes: If you've any suggestion do share it here. Thank you.. ;)

The main objective of this header is to remind others about their suffers. Besides, it's to show our love and support to them.

  • We can motivate those survivors of this disasters to keep on living their lives although they have lost their family.
  • We can support those volunteers who are still passing food and looking for survivors to keep on helping the victims.
  • We can convince those rich, but stingy businessmen to donate some money? (Lol...)
  • We can remind ourselves to live a happy, positive life because... we are LUCKY.

When everyone is doing the same thing, the message will be very clear and strong. So, let's spread the news and ask others to join by using the same banner (for 3 days?).

Remember, we the blogger have a very strong convincing power.
Let's do our part.. :)