19 November 2008

Italiannies- Nuffnang Sharing Session

My life without a camera is so dull and everyone who has read my previous post must know about it. That is why I'm extremely late for my Nuffnang Sharing Session post. *sorry*

Well better late than nothing right? XD

The main reason of my procrastination is because of, I have to wait every blogger who attended the session to edit and post up their photos. Then, I will be the photo-stealer by grabbing all the photos and post them in my blog.

Muahahaha... I sound so evil... XD

So, before I blog about my fantastic moment in Italiannies (The Garden, KL), do allow me to give credits to Jeffro, Bryan, Simon, Superwilson, Anne, Yi May and Debra. Thank for all the photos! You guys have brighten my Italiannies post (and my day with you all).

Dinning in Italiannies is a real great adventure for me. Firstly, it was my first Nuffnang sharing session in which I meet bloggers in a smaller group (compare to other big event of Nuffnang such as Traffic Jam, Pajamas Party, Animal Costume Party and Halloween Party). Wait, I've attended 4 Nuffnang Big Parties? Wow!

Secondly, I have met a number of nice people during in this gathering! Gosh! I feel so lucky. Seriously, I am. I really enjoy the 'Italiannies moment' with these people:

Thank again to Bryan for his work. He snapped, edited and linked everyone of us in just a few days. See, how fast and lovely he is. Thank again!

Here are those food we had according to their special menu. I am really impressed with the way they presented the food and the unforgetable taste. Frankly, I've never been to any Italian Restaurant so far (exclude pizza Hut, Kenny Roger and Shakey Pizza. They are all American...)

I really loooooooooooooooovee the mini pizza they served. They taste soooooooooo pizza. Of course, it tastes much nicer and original than others (Pizza Hut, Domino and Shakey Pizza) with all those herbs, quality cheese and good baking skills.

Emmmmm... mamamiah!

Not to forget their signature dish - The Bowl Of Pasta!!!!
We were served with 10 different types of pasta and I just couldn't believe it as I failed to feed myself with these 10-different-taste-of-pasta. I guess Anne, Jeff and Simon felt the same.

Ahhwwwww.... WHAT A WASTE!!!

Among all, I prefer Angelic Hair (thin spaghetti with tomato source) as I love its taste. If I could add a bit of cheese on top of it, I believe it will taste better.. :)

Bryan, good job again for this pictures!

This is the Chocolate Cheese cake which I just manage to have a bite on it. Sigh... Those pasta had already taken all the room in my stomach. Aikss!

Wait wait...
Where is my Sunshine Tropical drink?
Ahhwww..... Jeffro, it is in your camera..... Can I have it? :P

The drink was made by 3 different fruit - pineapple, banana and mango. Emm... I'm not sure whether is it a mango or lime. I have to check the list again. Well, it tastes fantastic and I love it! Thank to the waiter who recommended this drink to me.. :)

This is the room which was reserved for all the VIP - Emmm.. em.... we, the 20 Nuffnangers and Nuffnang Staff. Geee... Isn't that cool?

And KY, the food specialist was invited and he is the 'featured man'!

hahaha.. Seriously, he is friendly and funny. Lolx... Glad to be there and witness his super-duper-intriguing-DSLR accessories. It is like every blogger's dream. Ah man! No wonder I name you as the 'food specialist'. You deserve it! Hahaha....


Come.. and feel the atmosphere... warm and comfortable... :)

Me, Jeffro and Anne (the lovely couple)... XD

Simon and me.. :)
Emm... Couldn't they stop attacking each other using the lamb bones? It's kinda weird... >.< Wuooot! Us!

Debra and Victoria. They are siblings and I'm glad to have a short conversation with them. Nice girls.. :)

The young group - Yi May, Jou Yin and Josephine. They are just 16. I wanna be in secondary school again.. ahww.... By the way, it's my pleasure to know them.. Keep in touch girls! :D

Another cool group photo I have from Jeffro. This time, I am with Nicholas (the baby sister, kekekz..), Firdauz, Karena (karipop), Bryan and Ruion (who called me Ostrich egg and I don't know why. Hmph!)


Here are the best moment:
Group photos!

Haha... Again, it took us like... 15-20minutes? It was long and it happened all the time when they are a great number of cameras around.. Just imagine, each blogger with one camera (excluded me). That's mean, there will be around 15-19 cameras! Whuuoohh....

Anyway, only few cameras were used in order to save time and that's what I call brilliant!

Right now, at 1.00am, I am missing those pasta and pizza from Italiannies. I feel so hungry. Emmm... I wonder when will I go there again.

P/s: I'm looking forward to meet you guys again in future event or gathering and have fun together! Will we? Fingers crossed... :)