07 November 2008

Obama Is Following Me!

Self talk- effects us in many ways. It depends on how we speak to ourselves, either positively or negatively. One of the important self-healing method being stressed in Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

Curryegg is right now, having war with herself. This is what the self-talk means:


*self talk*


I really need to study right now!
I've been treating my 2 days break as my long term holiday. Gosh! It can't happen!


Eeeerrrrr... what happen to you curryegg? Why can't you just concentrate? I know, studying in front of the computer is hard. You get distracted easily by the games in Facebook.. *I need to achieve higher $$$ in parking war in order to compete with Joey T. Hmpm!!! His value is much higher than me now..*

Worse, people in MSN couldn't stop chatting with you. Ignore them and sign out! *emm.. I'm the one who approach them. eiikss!*.

Next, you're playing with your new websites: Plurk and Ovi too much! How long do you want to bury yourself there? Tell me! Honest. *They are cool sites! Add me if you have*

My Ovi:

What happen to your biological needs? You need to satisfy them in order to reach your Maslow Hierarchy needs. You can't keep yourself hungry for hours. *I'm so hungry.. Eerrr... when is my burger man delivering burger for me? My cheese chicken burger+cucumber+egg+tomato sauce. I think I should cook myself then...*

Lastly, I know Obama is following you. What's a big deal? Who is him? Why are you so excited till you can't concentrate in studies? He is just Barack Obama and he has notthing to do with you.
*what? who is him? what's the big deal? just Barack Obama. Hey! It is a big deal and it has something to do with me! He is my idol ok? Don't you feel proud knowing that Obama is following me in Twitter?

I received an email yesterday and it was from Obama!

Click the image to enlarge

Now add me if you haven't!

Twitter: here
Plurk: here
Ovi: here

I just can't help but feeling... sad. I've so many things need to be done and I don't wanna do any revision. Ahhwww..... What am I going to do???

*smack on my face*

*pinch my arms*
*pull my ears*

Ok Ok... I know what I should do now...

Send more love letters to Obama!


P/s: Curryegg needs a break now as she is facing Baracky Obamious Disorder. Please... excuse her for a while.. :(