30 November 2008

Seriously, I'm Impressed

I am impressed by my friend's beauty, effort, hard work, talent and her supporters. I had never been to any beauty nor talent contest as I have no friend who been into any of these competitions. So Cynthia, the gorgeous girl who is the first person in my history list invited me to witness her glory moment in winning a Mini Cooper.

And yes, she is the winner among the other Top 10

*congratulation girl!*

At the same time, I am glad that my present do shine her day.

I am really excited and happy for my friend. You are the best and the banner is right... :)

I shall share more about this event in my next post as both of my legs are numbed as a result of standing too long in that particular two and a half hours. Well, it is worth it..

For Cynthia... :)