01 December 2008

The Moon On 1-12-2008 In Malaysia

Look at the moon now and observe what you can see.
Faster! Faster!



Eric called me just now and asked my to observe the sky especially the moon.
He said, "See the happy moon on the sky".

As curious as a kids, I quickly ran out and spotted the moon with my babey on my palm. Yes! He is right! The moon is smiling at me.. and residents on the Mother Earth. Dear Malaysian, walk out from the house and start aiming at the moon. This is a special night...

I love my babey (camera) for be able to capture this special moment. It has added a little effect on it. Lolx... :D

The clearest photo among the others. I shall ask someone to use a good DSLR to capture this moment. Ahhwww...

By the way, can you see the happy face? 2 stars and one moon.. :)

It is as special as my day too..
1-12-2008 is so special to me and I love today!

Thank God for bringing me happiness, love and care. I love today because I have a great time with Anne, won myself a new handphone and manage to witness the 'happy sky'. Thank for everything and I love today.



P/s: Thank Kang Yong for sharing this article from news.com.au. I've missed that news earlier but lucky enough, I got the chance to witness the beauty of astronomy.

According to the article, the 'two stars' were actually Venus and Jupiter which so happened to appear side by side. The planets resembled the eyes while the crescent moon resembled the sweet smile.

Again, I'm so lucky. Ahhwww... why don't I take astronomy? Who knows, I might be the next astronaut?